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Sure sounds like you've been very busy Meme. That's so unselfish of you to be with him all day. I bet he's so grateful.

I hate to see you not taking care of that foot, but you know what's best for you. I know no one can say a word to me about things like that. Maybe your doctor will give you the verbal lashing you need to stay off of it. I'm teasing...I just hope it heals quickly so you can get out and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for keeping us updated As always, lot's of love sent your way Meme.

Love & Hugs,
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Meme, I only saw this thread today. I hope Roy feels a little better... I am sure all the love he is receiving from his family and friends will help him through...

My thougts go out to ((((you)))) and ((((Roy)))),

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hopefully this doggone box is fixed now.

I just want to take this opportunity to tell everyone how darn proud I am of Barbara. This is not the first time she has worked through personal pain to tend others. This is one classy lady. She's not real big,but her heart is 10 ft tall.

As always Kitten,you are in my heart,prayers and thoughts every day. Love you much.
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Well here is the latest. A bit of good news but mostly bad...

First the good news is they finally got his blood count up some and got rid of the infection that was causing the fevers. They did this by giving him shots to raise the blood count and by giving blood along with antibiotics. So we were thinking he would maybe be with us for awhile after all.

Then the kidney problem got worse and they did tests to see what was going on. They didnt find anything in the kidneys.

Yesterday they did a cystoscope and biopsy(?)of the bladder. Well it showed that it is all full of tumors. Doctors are sure it is cancer but wont know what kind exactly until the results of the tests come back. They put a stint in and his urine is red with blood from the cancer and the surgery. He has had his limit of radiation and can not withstand major surgery so there is not much of anything else that they can do except make him comfortable.

Well thats about it for now. Thanks again for all the prayers...

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Oh, Meme, I'm sorry the news is not more hopeful. I wish I could say something or do something or fix it or . . . {sigh}

Much sympathy, and prayers for a minimum of pain for all of you.
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Thank you Sunlion.... wish I could help you some too...sigh

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Hi Meme...

Sorry to hear of this news. I pray that they keep him as comfortable as possible...it's a rough time; I don't even know what to say, but my prayers are with you and Roy.

Love & Big Hugs,
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Thanks Cat.... I spent the evening up there with him and then have been talking to Wayne since I got home... He has been there for me during all these hard times and I dont know what I would do without him!!!

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meme i am so sorry to hear your bad news i have not been here for a while,what with xmas and visiting mum in the nursing home,anyway my prayers will go out for you and roy,i just wish there was more i could do,take care kerry
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Barb - just knowing that you care and love him, will help Roy the most of anything. It is difficut for people to love someone, to watch them suffer so. You continue in my prayers.
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Meme, I just found this thread... How is Roy doing?
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Thanks Everyone for the prayers!!!!

Here is the update I got about an hour ago in an email from my Sister. Will just copy and paste the email here as it has been a long day and I need to get some sleep.

Roy is not doing well, not sure what is going on. We got there at 8:45 and Irene was just getting ready to leave, thinking Roy was just sleeping. We couldn't awaken him. Got the nurse, kept talking to him and he would shake his head as if he could hear us but wouldn't talk or open his eyes. The blood they had ordered this am had just gotten to hospital as due to the fact he is developing antibodies it had to be gotten from Arizona. Nurse hung blood, all vital signs ok. The doctor came and checked him by that time he was a little more responsive, took a couple sips of water. Still won't/cant open eyes or talk but nods that he hears us. Not sure what is happening. Doctor thought he looked jaundiced. Is ordering lab work to assess the situation. Said it could be spleen, liver involvement. Would know more by am. He did respond to painful stimuli..move his foot, etc.
Irene is staying the night, we will grab a couple hours sleep and see what is happening in the morning. The doctor said to let family know he is not doing well.

Thanks to all the wonderful people on here for caring and saying prayers. I have told him about all the nice cat loving people here. He has a cat of his own that we will have to find a home for...sigh.
Actually it was my Mom's cat but Roy has been caring for it since Mom died in June. Well have to get some sleep....grin

Merry Christmas to All.... Hugs!!!!
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