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Prayers Needed

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Hi everyone. If any of you have time could you please say a prayer or two for someone very special in my life that wont be with us much longer.

My cousin Roy who was raised with me as a brother is in the hospital and has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His immune system has shut down, his right kidney is no longer working as it is eat up with the cancer and he has been running temps of 104+ nightly. Doctors says he wont be with us long. Just hope he makes it to his birthday on Thursday.

Anyhow prayers that he will not suffer to much more would be very much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

I have not been able to even go visit him yet due to my bad foot and a cold that I caught. Cant be around him with the cold so the doctors say. And now the car is in the shop and no way to get there! But I have been talking to him via phone.

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Oh Meme love, Im sooo sorry....lots of prayers winging their way to you and him..... :angel2:
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Prayers of peace going out to both of you, Meme.
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My mother died of cancer, so I know the sorrow, and heaviness that you feel. It's so hard to watch a loved one slowly slip away and be powerless to stop it.

my love and prayers go out to you and Roy.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Roy.
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Ditto what AP said. The helplessness is the hardest part.

Will you get to see him at all? I mean, if you wear a breathing mask and all, how can it hurt? And it would be so nice for both of you to see each other.

Speaking as a Catholic now (and you might not be one), I will ask for special intercession from Mary because she also watched a loved one suffer and she will understand. (Mary does not answer prayer, but as we believe saints are with God and closer to Him than the rest of us on earth, we can ask them to pray with us.)
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Thanks everyone for the prayers. And yes I will get to see him one way or another. Cold/virus or whatever it was is getting better. And I will just go up in my slipper as I cant wear shoes yet...lol. But may have to rent a car to do so but will try to spend his b-day with him. Sunlion....yes I am catholic also..smile.

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AP..... yeah I lost my dad to cancer... and just lost my mom this past June so it will be hard to loose someone else this soon.

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Prayers are being sent at this moment. You are in my thoughts as well.

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Positive thoughts an prayers are with you and Roy!!
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I am a catholic too and will be praying for you. You can also register on a forum where you can request prayers. The web address is www.catholic.org. There are some wonderful people who understand your pain. Tomorrow is the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe and will be praying to her.
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You're in my thoughts and prayers...I'm so sorry to hear about this. I know you've been through so much persona trauma in such a short time. For what it's worth...I know it's no consolation, but this happened to a friend of mine and it was so hard for her, but with her friends online as well as offline; they were there to support her no matter the time of day. Please know that all of us are here for you.
You can contact me anytime, or if you'd like a call, I can do that too.

Love Always,
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I just want to add my prayers to you and Roy.
Having a loved one ill and in the hospital during the holidays is especially difficult.
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I am so sorry to hear about Roy...and yes, I will say a big prayer for him, and for you, during this really hard time.
My thoughts are with you.
We are here for you.
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My thoughts and prayers are with Roy for a peaceful journey and for his loved ones to find comfort.
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Meme - I too am praying for you and Roy.
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Thank you everyone. You are all so very sweet!!!

Hugs to all of you!

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My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this time. I lost my father to AML last year. It's not an easy thing to deal with.
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Just wanted to stop in and tell everyone that the prayers must be helping! Roy has not run a fever over 101 in 2 days now. They did find a blockage in his kidney but we dont know yet what or if anything will/can be done to correct that. The specialist will be in later today. But for now at least he is feeling a bit better.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. Everyones concern, prayers and sweetness has really touched me.

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I'm so sorry for you, Roy and your family. I have never had someone close to me with a fatal disease so I can't seem to find the words to say but my thoughts are with all of you! It's not fair that people and families have to go through this (especially this time of year).
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So happy to hear the news but until he's completely out of the woods, prayers are continuing. Keep a stiff upper lip.

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Hi Meme:angel2:

More good thoughts and prayers are sent your way Meme. :daisy:

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Meme I'm so sorry about your cousin Roy,my thoughts and prayers are with you both :flower: :flower:
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I just found this posting...

Meme, I am soooo sorry about Roy, and I send both of you and your family love and light and prayers.
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how is Roy doing?
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AP...and Everyone else interested....

I was finally able to go up there yesterday and spent all afternoon with him. It was his birthday and I brought him some big balloons. At 5:30 when everyone was off work the whole family (9 of us) showed up and we had a party in his room. Just an icecream cake and funny gifts. He ate his share of the cake and seemed happy and surprised.

But he looks so bad. I was really shocked as this is the first time I have been able to go up and see him. They have been giving him shots daily to raise his blood count. That has been working so now the antibiotics are helping and the fever stays low. They have also discovered that he does have a blockage in his kidney but we dont know what they plan to do about it yet. He is still too weak to do anything at this time. They say that he will be moved to the skilled care nursing unit as soon as there is an opening. Today he had some bad coughing spells and they had to give oxy as he just couldnt breathe. But chest exrays dont show anything. They are telling us that if/when he does improve some that it is doubtful he will be able to go home as he lives alone. Its a day by day thing.

Thanks for all the thought and prayers!

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I remember when my mother had cancer . . . I had been living with my dad and going to college, so I didn't see her much the first few months, just on breaks. It was easily a month between visits, and each time it was shocking to see how much she had changed. My step-dad didn't notice it because her change on a daily basis was much more subtle. I left school to take care of her. Later in her illness I went home for a week, and when I came back there was that same disorientation.

However, it sounds like Roy is in good spirits, and that's half the battle. He may not be able to go home alone, but it sounds like the treatment is becoming effective and there is a possibility of removing the blockage. It feels like good news.

I have a vague hope that he will be able to get a day pass to spend Christmas with the family, but of course that depends on so many things. And another trip to his home, which made so much difference for my mom. But it takes energy to do those things and that is a precious commodity.

Continuing to pray for you all.
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Thanks for the update on Roy. It's so nice that he has such a loving family. I bet that meant more to him than going home...just to see how much he's loved.

Good thoughts and prayers are sent to you and Roy. I hope your foot is much better, please let us know how you're doing too.

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thanks for the update meme.

Sunlion is absolutey right, the mental is just as important as the physical. My mom held on much longer than they thought she would. She was holding on to see me graduate from high school, and she did. She did die the next day though, because her body just couldn't take it any longer. The doctors were amazed she made it that long, but she did, on nothing but determination.

I'm so glad Roy has his family rallying around him. It makes all the difference in the world to have that support.
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Well I have just returned from the hospital. Have been there all day today. They are still doing tests so nothing really new to tell anyone. He is still in good spirits but of course he does not believe he is that ill. He is in a sort of denial period. He is still too weak to even sit up to eat so I dont hold much hope for him being well enough to come home for Xmas.

Catarina..... My foot is improving slowly but still far from well. And of course I have been on it too much today so it is twice the size it should be... Have doctors app in the morning to get it checked again, uck as that means another drive into the city!!

Everyone...KF's computer is still broke. Hopefully he will be back online Monday night.

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