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Hey everybody...I have already introduced myself...but i did not know where else to say this... ...well i will not be posting for the next week...i will be in the hospital...just letting everybody know...well if u have n e questions just ask me...well g2g bye bye
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Wow! I hope you get better soon!!
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I'll move this to The Lounge. Sending lots of healthy vibes to you.
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Thanks im going to get better...this is so i dont get sick...i have a hereditary gene in my blood that causes polyps (small bumps) on the inside of my colon (large intestine) and if they are not removed, or the colon is not removed it will become a aggressive from of mom has it...its come back 2 times so far...but anyways...the name of it shortened is FAP...Familial Adematous (spelling?) Polyposis...well i have to get 1/2 an hour we are leaving for the hospital...thanks to everyone...this is just hard for me...being 14 and all...well i will try to keep u updated on it when i come back from the hospital...4-7 days...well wish me luck ...bye bye
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Good luck!!! Sending lots of good health vibes your way!!!
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aww get better soon, i have to go to hospital too for my nose.. unless the doctor i go to has the facilities to fix it. but i think i will post pone it untill after my holiday
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awww hope youre feeling well soon
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Awww, I hope you're all better soon!

Sending lots of 'Healthy' }}}VIBES{{{ your way! Look forward to you coming back!
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I hope your surgery was successful. Have a good recovery.
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Wow, that is tough for a 14 year old. I am glad it is something treatable, though! I will be watching for your post when you come back. Feel better soon!
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I'm sorry to hear this. Take care!
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Welcome to TCS. You are in my prayers.
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This is a little late, but I hope things go well, and you feel better soon.
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Hi everybody, im back now...i just got home on friday...i was so swollen that they had to take blood that they needed from my groin area...ouch lol...if anybody knows what a pick line is, i had one of those in my arm too if u wanna know what it is just family's surgeon said it was going to be a 2-6 hour surgery but it was 12 hours... so sorry for bringing such an old thread back up now u know? well im going to go lay down for a little bit now...thanks to everyone that wished me luck
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I'm glad to hear you're home and hopefully you are feeling better. I do know what a PICC line is. Sounds like you went through quite a long ordeal. Rest up and take care of yourself.
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Yes, please take care of yourself!

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