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The Oriental Poppies in my yard opened up today and I thought I would share:

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They are so lovely! Thank you for posting them!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Wow how pretty!!! I love all kinds of flowers, they're all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing
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How beautiful! I have always loved Oriental poppies! Thank you so much for sharing!
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GOOOORRRR-geous!! I love poppies. We have a few California Poppies -- which are sweet -- but the Orientals are awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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What a lovely thread!!
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Mine should be open today also!!! The light pink colored one is nice!
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These are absolutely beautiful, Karen! Thank you so much for posting these for us all to enjoy!
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful poppies with us
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they are soooo pretty, iv'e never really seen a lot of poppy's, i didn't know how lovely they were, i can't plant anything until i femce off my side garden though because anassa eats them and runs off with the empty pots, she already ate my chilli plant, my basil, my beautiful ground cover and a red fern

i love the tree's too, it almost looks like a partial wild garden, i love that.

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Those are LOVELY!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Oh they are so gorgeous!
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They lovely!

It winter down here at the moment so everything is dead and nothing is flowering
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Hi all, I've just had a thought. I expect you all already know this but don't forget that Lillies are poisenous to cats
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Thanks everyone. I'm glad you are enjoying them. Since you are, maybe I will put up another thread with some of the peonies. We just bought this house in Decenber from two retiring botany professors. The yard is absolutely gorgeous and every day I find something new blooming!
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Originally Posted by Shem
Lillies are poisenous to cats
Since I'm not 100% sure yet what are in all my gardens, Abby only goes out on a leash and it HEAVILY supervised! Thanks for the warning though.
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