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What kind of litter do you use?

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Not quite sure where to put this, but I guess it's health
What brand of cat litter do you all use?

Our indoor cats use Purina Maxx cat scoopable, while my outdoor cats get the cheapest stuff we can find, usually unscented and unscoopable.
My two kittens use truly band Unscented Scoopable with Silica chystals, and I gotta say really does a good job of covering up the oders, but a half-tush job of keeping its clumbingness (?).
The Maxx cat stuff in my opinion doesnt do a good job of covering up oders, but gets a B for clumbyness.
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We just use el cheapo stuff.. I dont know what it is called, but it comes in a big purple bag, and there is a picture of a cat in the grass on it :P Its a scary looking cat...

Its called "American Fare cat litter"

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I use a 50/50 mix of Tidy Cats non-clumping and Kitty Crystals. Reason: I prefer unscented -- the Kitty Crystals is unscented, but it's too dusty.
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I uses yesterdays news.
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I was using a mix of feline pine and korean litter because it clumped and had no dust but we had a money issue so now it is fresh step for temporary. I do not like all the dust it produces but we don't have good kitty litter here so, I really have no choice for now.
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selection here is also very limited most of the time, so we usually buy whatever is in stock; generally arm & hammer or tidy cats. i'd like to use something less dusty, but for now it'll have to do.
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Arm & Hammer and/or Tidy Cat clumping products. Depending on what's on sale or what's readily available when I go shopping.
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any clumping brand. non-clumping is too difficult to keep clean.
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I recently discovered the "Yesterday's News" litter thanks to someone on this board. They sell it at Wal-Mart, probably other places too. It's made up of recycled journal, so I don't feel as bad throwing it away.;P Plus it IS very absorbent ,I don't have a smelly appartement anymore and their is no dust! Wich I was sick of. My cats love it too, so I'll keep purchasing this one.
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Sierra uses Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance Free. We feel it's the best litter ever!
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We used to use Arm and Hammer clumping. It works great on odors but it was too dusty. Now we use Tidy Cats crystals and the cats love it, although it claims to be cheaper because it last longer I don't really find that to be true. It's more expensive but for now we'll use it till we find a better crystal kind. If anyone has in mind a great crystal litter, let me know.

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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
I uses yesterdays news.

Me too, it's brilliant
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I havent tried many, tried A&H for awhile (coupons), it was OK, but I tried Tidy Cats and I thought it masked the odor much better, plus I like the pourable jug - no stray litter I have to sweep up (lke with A&H).

I want to try yesterday news also.
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I've switched back to World's Best Cat Litter for now but I'm patiently waiting for Yesterdays News to be available here.
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I use egg layer crumble it is very similiar to worlds best but cost 7.50-10 us$ for a 50lb bag that lasts for a month for two cats.. and three boxes..
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WHOOO yesterdays news people!
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Tidy Cats and it must be scoopable
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The litter brands in Europe are different. I use a very fine clumping litter called "Cat&Clean", but Jamie basically doesn't care about the brand as long as it's fine and clumping. Crystal and paper litters are literally completely "kicked out" of his litter box, and he won't use the nonclumping litter for more than a day or two.
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I am using the world's best cat litter.
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Originally Posted by Shem
Me too, it's brilliant
It's not clampable though, right? Where does the pee go?
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Originally Posted by elizwithcat
It's not clampable though, right? Where does the pee go?

Ok it works like sawdust, it like absorbs it and breaks down. There's no chemicals or smell. It absorbs smell perfectly. What I do is give him one scoop of litter and change it everyday, so he has fresh everyday. You use a lot less then and it's not all nasty like if you left it for a few days. If he poos I just scoop that out. It's brilliant as there's no waste. You can even flush small amounts down the loo and if there's more you can throw it on the compost heap. Perfect for the environment. . I can't recommend it enough
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This is the amount I use every day:

This is what that amount looks like in the litter tray:

It just covers the bottom Vet said this is they way she uses it with her own cats. Please excuse the filth on the walls and table LOL!! He scrapes the wall like that when he uses his tray!! Why? LOL
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I use World's Best.
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I really do you "yesterday's news"...I just shred up a few pages of the newspaper when I'm done with it and the cats like it just fine. I used to use real cat litter but my cats think it is a toy and just kick it (and the clumpies) all over the place and make a massive mess. Which means I have to vacuum, which means I start cackling like a maniac and chasing my cats with the hoover. I love them and would never hurt them...but it is too funny watching them fly around the room like possessed squirrels!!
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Tiday Cats Multiple Scoop... love it, and you can't really smell Billy's... well, let's call it "stuff."
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