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cat papers

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My cousin purchased a himalayan kitten on Mothers Day. And the woman said that she put the wrong address on the registration papers, and they had to send it back to her. And now everytime she calls the lady, the lady will make excuses, or not answer the phone at all. Is there anything she can do to get papers on her cat or to the lady?
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I had a similar problem with Mika. It took me a month to get the papers and when we got them they said he was twice the age she promised he was (we suspected that). And she still swore that she had both been completely honest and that the papers were correct... um...

I presume you had the kitten shipped? Did you verify the lady is a registered breeder?

The CFA basically told us we were out of luck as far as they were concerned. The thing that got her to send them was threatening to send a complaint to the CFA.
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No, she wasn't shipped.. my cousin picked her up.. but she made excuses.
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Well that's a start, at least you have her address so if she never answers the phone she can send her a signature-required registered letter informing her she has like, 10 days or so, to get the papers to her or she'll be filing a complaint. Of course that only works if you can verify she's a registered breeder.
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I would also send the certified letter. If she still does not give you the papers, verify that she is a registered breeder through either CFA or TICA. If she is, you can contact them and they will put you in contact with the person in your area that can help. Do you have a contract? Because, if all else fails, you can file Small Claims against her to recover the difference between a cat with papers and a cat without or to even give the kitten back and ask for a refund, but I assume you probably want to keep the kitten. You would need to file it through whatever court covers her area.
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