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Think they're a bit hot?

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It's been like 30-35 degrees celsius here the past three days, and we don't have AC - we've been keeping the blinds down and the fans on, and the kitties are getting lots of cold water with ice in it, but I think they're still a bit hot - see for yourself:

Here's Henry, stretched out in front of the fan (it's like half a metre away from him in this pic, and you can tell he's enjoying that!).

Likewise, Meeko's spent the day all stretched out in front of the fan on my desk (poor guy, doesn't he look thrilled?).

Esmeralda refuses to compromise her standards of personal hygiene, even in 35 degree weather.

Thanks for looking!
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Awwww! Poor kitties! My mother's know how they feel....thier ac is broken and they just go told they will need a whole new unit.
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Yeah, Mik has been camping out in the dark depths of my bedroom closet. Lex was actually laying on a towel in the window... the heat doesn't seem to bother him as much. At any rate, they've both been pretty mellow the past few days... except late at night.
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aww i remember the summer of no ac....Loki would roastbeing black and all fur........they look like they enjoy the fans tho
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Aww, My babies are going through the same thing! We live in Texas, in the middle of moving and we're having a/c problems. My babies are confused, lost and hot. Its 90 degrees here today but while moving boxes, it feels like 190. That's why I'm taking a break and sittin' here at the puter with my Dr. Pepper (only to verify I have DSL connection, shh).
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Thats so cute! Shadow isn't too bothered by heat but finnegan isn't taking it well! Theyve been hanging out in the basement windows cuz its always freezing down there. Mom and dad were sick of not seeing them so they put an air conditioner in the dining room window today lol We've had all of the ceiling fans on and blinds completely closed but it was still so hot in our house!! My room seems to be the hottest and my poor bettas 10 gallon got up to 82 this morning so i had to fill a bowl with ice and put it infront of a fan lol Our saltwater tank got up to 92 the other day because Johns mom forgot to turn the fan on :-o so we were freaking out.. Everything seems to be ok though *sigh*
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Well, they look very cool trying to keep cool!
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It seems whereever I have lived, i always get the bad deal in the summer... my room always seems to be the hottest place in the house.. my mom's room which is right behind the wall the computer is on.. is always cool!! I dont get it?? but thankfully I have a water bed which is FREEZING!!! I just tear off the blankets and lay on it. There is always a nice cold shower while wearing clothes... Going to sleep with a wet shirt helps.. poor kitties though we have air conditioning (yay) but elliot always wants to sit by me wherever I am.. he is on the shelf in my room now, probably roasting his little bum off.. aerowyn is most likely on the laundry basket which is on the washer which is directly accross from the air conditioner vent. Heh...
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Very nice photos. They look very relaxed
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Pics like these make me wish I were a cat! I could then spend the day on the sofa lounging about

Thank you for the adorable pics of you kits chilling (well trying to chill!)
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They just look comfy to me! Cute kitties!
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they are cute... maybe they are hot? cant be active enough
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