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Dinah stepped in sap????

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Dinah has stepped in something extremely sticky and it smells something like plants or pine. She had bits of other things stuck in the 'goo' as well, like small bark chips and dirt.

I attempted to pull out some of the stuff, all while petting her. She didnt put up with it for very long. It is seriously stuck. It's all around and over her pads. I thought she might have cleaned it off by this morning, but she didnt, and I had to go to work.

How do I get it out? Any ideas? Anyone had anything like this happen to one of their kitties?
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You might try mineral oil. That's non-toxic to cats.
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Loki got sap on his paws when we had the tree in the house. I gave him a bath (he hated it but to bad) soaked his paws than used mineral oil and washed paws again. all clean.
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did you get the sap of yet? i'd be interested to know what worked.
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I'm still at work. I havent been able to do anything about it yet. I'll try again when I get home.
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Aerowyn jumped up a pine tree about six feet and hung there for a moment.. well we had recently cut the limbs off the bottom (healthier for the trees) so there was sap everywhere.. I attempted to give her a bath.. but it was like super glue and didnt work.. I was worried the pine sap might be toxic.. I took scissors and cut offthe fur that had sap on it, and did my best with her paws.. it eventually came off by itself, but it helped I cut the hair off (it was only a little bit, not making he rhalf shaved or anything :P )
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Just buy some lard at the grocery store. Crisco is fine- spread the lard on the sappy areas, wait for about five minutes, then wipe with a warm dry cloth- presto! Sap will come right off.
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I was mainly worried that the sap would be harmful to her of hurt her in any way. It is only in her Left hind paw, so I think I am going to leave it. She wont let me near her feet right now. I tried to just take a look at it, and she growled at me. ME! She is walking just fine with it, so I'll just watch and wait. As long as it is not harming her, then that is fine.
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