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Just a question?.....

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I was wondering if it would be ok to post some of my artwork in this forum? Is that alright? I won't make it too big so it won't take up much room/memory......If thats ok I'll scan some on tonight and see if I can post some......
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I think it's a great idea Rhea! I would love to see your art.
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Cool idea Rhea! Post, post, post, post! :laughing2 :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Love & Hugs,
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Thanks guys!! Cat, I have quite a few pics, but I would like them all in one post as they are only small, could you do it for me love? thanks!! hee hee......There are two that just look like black sqaures, but if you move close to the screen and try looking from different angles you should be able to see them.....thanks hun... I'll just be sending them them.....hee hee...(notice how I haven't given you the chance to say no!!! ha ha ha)

Or, if there is anyone here at the moment who could do it for me....?
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These are Rhea's works of art...I hope you enjoy them!








Awesome work Rhea! I still have one more to lighten up...sorry, but I also had to lighten up the "Lion with Cubs" it was too dark and it would've been such a shame not to see how you captured them. I still have one more to post Please send more and thanks for starting this thread, I'll post mine too and we can learn from another..

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Rhea, those are incredible!! Really, really great!

does snake lady have your hair?!?!? :LOL: :LOL:
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Yet another...


That's the other one I had to brighten up a bit there...I love the stroke marks on it...the shading and shadows are outstanding!
Awesome girl!

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Thanks so much for posting them Cat!!! You're a star!!! (I hope you're feeling MUCH better now hun..)
And thanks for the compliments both of you!! (I was a little worried people might think they might suck!!!)
Sorry about the stupid names.... they do have proper ones but I just called them obvious ones when I was saving them so I'd know which one was which!!! ha ha ha ha.... (I gave them cool names in my art book...but I'll be darned if I can remember them!! ha ha ha )

Oh and AP.....my hair?!!! ha ha ha (I wish my hair was that long!! it's kinda stunted its growth now....ha ha :tounge2: )

PS, thanks Cat for brightening up the etching pics!! (I tried but I failed!! ha ha ha....Still, now we don't have to do that "head moving" thing to try and see them!! ha ha ha ) And I can't wait to see your pics!!! (They better not make mine look crap or I'll slap ya!! ha ha ha) Get 'em up here!!! we can compare notes!!
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Rhea, those are terrific!

I love the Lion with Cubs, second and third are Portrait and Lady in Red Dress...(not necessarily in that order).
You have a talent, don't stop!
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Thanks Cleo!! I kinda go through stages ya know? Like one month I'll be doing paintings......then the next month I'll be doing pencil drawings....then (like now) I'll be doing hundreds of those etching pics!!!! ...then I run down and stop....do some cross stitch, read a book.....then I might get the "urge" to do some more art!! hee hee
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Rhea - they are wonderful. Why don't you do a lady in a blue dress?

just kidding...........

Your work is very fluid. Keep up the good work!
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Thanks Deb,....actually I have done a lady in a blue dress!! and a lady in a pink dress!!! ha ha ha ha....I'll see if I can fish them out for you.....
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Fish those babies out girl :laughing2 Let's get them up here...they look magnificant

I'll pick my art up whenever I can get to my other house. It's around there...."somewhere" haha! I haven't sketched in some time. I work with pencil mainly, I have a couple of acrylics, but I prefer pencil...it's plain and simple like me..haha!

My health?? :laughing2...This Cipro stuff is kickin my butt! I can't stay awake for any amount of money! Jeeez...

Send your pics here anytime and I'll be happy to post them. I'm looking forward to it! You do such beautiful work

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Ok, I fished 'em out!! ha ha... I think I've made them small enough to post..so Im gonna have a go.....

Heres the lady in the blus dress just for you Debra!! hee hee
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(Sorry, I lost the feet of that pic somewhere!!! ha ha)
And this is yet another lady...but this time...in a pink dress!!! ha ha ha ha....... (I don't like this one much...looks cheesey!)
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More great art, Bod! As I mentioned to you before, your ladies have a classic look to me. The "Blue Dress" is very well done and I don't agree that the "Pink Dress" is cheesy, but its not like I'm an art critic or anything...

Classic line with forgotten origin: "I may not know art, but I know what I like."

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Thanks Bill!! You're a sweetie!! Glad you like them!! :tounge2:
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Rhea, they're all simply beautiful! Keep up the great work love...I love them...my favorite is "The Couple" I think it's very expressive.

Love ya
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Heh heh ....trust you to like THAT one Cat!!!! :LOL:
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Ahhh..you know me to well me blokette! :LOL::laughing2 :pinky::bubbly:
In all seriousness, I love them all...the cats are very intriguing.

Love ya,
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