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Cat moving kittens

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I have a blue point siamese who had a litter of kittens five days ago. (Dont worry, I am a CFA registered breeder.) My problem is Sarah keeps moving her kittens to dangerous locations. Two nights ago I woke up to the kittens crying. I saw Sarah carry a kitten to the top bunk of my brothers bunkbed. I took the kitten and put it back into the box. Then last night she took a kitten and laid it beside me in bed.
Her box that she is in is in a very private location. (My bedroom closet.) She had the kittens in this box. After the birth I changed all the towels, and put sheets in the box instead.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make her leave the kittens in the box?
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Many breeders employ the use of a queening cage for exactly this reason. I use an extra-large dog crate. My queen is used to it (I leave it set up and open for her to explore prior to delivery) and goes into it without a problem. She delivers in there and when the babies are old enough to do more than that funny little "commando crawl", I can shut the door and protect them.

You could employ the use of such an enclosure for your queen and her babies too - only shut the door and let your girl out for trips to her litter and food bowls several times a day. I might add that you should watch her carefully while the door is open so she doesn't move the babies to inappropriate places.
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My cat just moved her litter too. She did it after I changed the kittens bedding. I guess she didn't like it. I spent two hours searching the house until I found them. I was worried to death that they weren't in a warm enough place. I finally found them in a room we rarely use in a very small area. It certainly wasn't big enough for her to nurse them there. It was nice and warm so I moved the items around a little to make the area a bit bigger, then I put her blanket back under the kittens.

She did her best to not give away their location but once I found them and fixed the area she laid down to nurse. I stayed with her a while and rubbed her head and then I left. She seems to be happy now, so I am not going to try and move them back to the closet. I figure if she wants them there then I will leave them, at least it is warm and safe.

It sure scared me for a while though.
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LOL Trixie moves her kittens at least 3 times a day. I generally leave them be unless there's a concern about where they land (like my 2 year old's room, in front of the air conditioner, the top of a flight of stairs....silly mama). Spent 3 hours looking for one of the kittens last night. Gosh I can't wait till they can just be left in the open with everyone else LOL
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