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Originally Posted by captiva
I have no idea, but I was afraid to open the thread
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i can tell you once incident that happened on the weekend.
BF was watching tv and i fell asleep, he said he had put the remote control on the bed side table but instead i woke up in the middle of the night seeing the remote control on my leg. In the morning the remote control was gone!!!!!!!!!! i turned the house upside down and i decided to rearrange the little loungeroom part we have untill i picked up my fake plant and there it was....
( idont know how it got there seriously.... because i cant reach while im laying down in bed into the plant)
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It was cleverly hidden behind a bottle of salad dressing
So now I can have cucumber on my salad and in my Pimm's!!

I did however check the garabage can which I forgot I had to clean up a kitty mess and made the mistake of poking around with my hand.

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The cucumber returns!

Have fun with the pimms

errr if you HAD found the cumber in the garbage, was that to get it out to eat or just to check that you had chucked it away? I just had to ask....
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Well actually I have a plastic compost pail in the garage that I toss all my veggie scraps (I peeked in there too!!). It would have stayed in the garage however if that is where it had been.
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We lost Daisy once. We looked all over the house for her, every nook and cranny. We finally found her on top of the cabinet in the bathroom. Never thought to look up instead of down
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Well, I've got one just happened lunchtime today. I'm starting a diet/exercise program and for lunch I've been eating a cup of broccoli (frozen) with baked chicken and just a bit of rice. I looked all over for the bag of frozen broccoli. These are not small bags! We get them from Sam's Club. Not in the kitchen refrigerator freezer, not in the "big" freezer, not left out, nowhere, nada. This bag was 3/4 full yesterday .

I finally call hubby:
"Ummm, where's the broccoli?" I ask.
"It's not in the fridge?"
"Not that I can see, I've looked everywhere," I reply.
"Well, I threw that bag away that you said was old ..."

*sigh* Yup. Apparently he listened to the first sentence when I mentioned that there was an old bag of broccoli in the fridge freezer that was mostly ice crystals; but not to the next sentence in which I said I threw it away! So he helpfully (today's garbage day) cleared the "old" stuff out of the freezer!

*sigh* Men ...

So I chopped up a tomato to put in with my rice and chicken. Not bad actually !
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