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Where is my cucumber????

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I losing my mind!!!
I bought some produce on Friday nite. The cucumber was wrapped in plastic.
On Sunday nite I chopped some up for use in my Pimm's cup On Monday it was on kitchen counter and I chopped some up for my lunch salad and that is the last I saw of it!!!
I remember thinking I have to rewrap and put in refrigerator but I searched 3 times and its not there!!!
Its not on the counter, I've checked cupboards, freezer etc....
With the warm weather we are experiencing I guess I'll probably smell it in a couple of days.

So anyone else ever do something so foolish????
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When i saw the title of your thread all sorts of devious thoughts entered my mind and all along your post was an innocent one.

sorry you lost your cucumber, i hope you find it soon, i have lost things like that a few times, it is very frustrating. Once i lost the milk only to discover it in the cupboard a few hours later

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We lost the pancake syrup after breakfast Sunday!
We made blueberry pancakes and we all ate. We had some leftover pancakes so I saved them to warm up the next morning. Well Monday morning I heated them up and went to get the syrup from the frige and it wasn't there. I asked my fiance if he had seen it, he said it should be in the frige and that I was just too blind to see it. He got up and we searched the entire kitchen and couldn't find it anywhere It is driving us both nuts because we had pretty much given up on it but last night after dinner he was in the kitchen rummaging through the cabinets muttering something about missing syrup
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I have a cute one I'll share with you. My dear old mom (bless her she left us 2 yrs ago at age 82 and I think of her daily), anyway, she would make a large pot of tea in the morning and throughout the day she would get a cup of tea and re-heat it in the microwave. One day when the microwave beeped that it was finished, she opened the door and NO TEA CUP. She stood there asking nobody in particular where her tea was! She opened the refrigerator and there was her tea. She had put the tea in the fridge and turned on the microwave to reheat it. We laughed about this for days.
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Did you cats eat it?

I've got one for you. Before I was even born, my mom had had my older brothers and sister, but my "youngest oldest" brother was just a baby. In keeping my two oldest siblings in check, my mother lost track of my brother, Jeff, who at the time was just a baby. She was looking everywhere for him. She got quite worried. She started freaking out, wondering what happened to her baby.....

My dad walked in and she asked him. Just then, she looked down in her arms.

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*Sighs* I brought in a 8 oz cup of fresh mushrooms to the bakery about two weeks ago.........I bought 'em, sacked 'em up .....haven't seen 'em since! I can't find them and neither could hub!!!
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Its A Conspiracy!!
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Perhaps you threw your cucumber away by accident?

Or is there anyone else in the house that could have eaten it/taken it?

Have you checked the drawer where you keep the cling film or whatever to re-wrap it?

Originally Posted by pandybear
i have lost things like that a few times, it is very frustrating. Once i lost the milk only to discover it in the cupboard a few hours later
Oh god I have done some silly things before, sames as you, like put the milk in the cupboard only to find it stinking later on in the day!
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I found some tortillas under the produce drawer this week. We haven't had tortillas in a looong time. Somehow they slipped down, and were trapped between the produce and meat drawer. Maybe your cuke is hiding under or between the drawers of the fridge?

I hate losing stuff that I just had around. But its been going on long enough, I can't hardly blame it on old age!
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You know, we're demolishing our kitchen, and redoing it, and we knocked our cabinets down, and we found a Little Debby Honey Bun up there... we haven't had honey buns in who knows how long!!!
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That reminds me of the Great Cheese Ball Escape. One time when I lived alone in a small apartment (with no pets at the time), I bought a large can of Planters Cheese Balls. I opened it one night while at the computer, ate just a few of them, and remember specifically replacing the lid and placing them on the top part of the roll-top desk. The next afternoon after work, when I got home I was craving them... but they were gone. GONE!

I tore the apartment apart looking for them; looked in the trash several times. I called my best friend who was the only other person with a key (not even the landlord had one) but she thought I was crazy and "of course I've not been in your apartment".

A few years later I moved away and of course cleaned out my apartment top to bottom. No cheese balls... no remnants, nothing. You'd think I'd eventually find the can at least.

I think my dad, who loved anything cheese related in life, must've taken them to snack on in heaven. If not, there's no explanation for what could have possibly happened to my cheese balls.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
She had put the tea in the fridge and turned on the microwave to reheat it. We laughed about this for days.
This reminds me of something my mother did once.

In Ireland we still have a milkman who delivers fresh milk to the doorstep early each morning (does that still exist anywhere else? I just love it - anyway...) Once when we were kids, my mother had been ironing and was then tidying up and put the iron (yes, the iron) outside the front door for the milkman to collect instead of the empty milk bottle We got A LOT of mileage out of that one
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Oh yeah! I have had things disappear in my home and I have given up on figuring how they have disappeared. I remember one experience where I had a FAVORITE dress that I LOVED to wear.. One day, I looked for it in my closet and it DISAPPEARED.. I looked ALL OVER for that dress and no luck. I KNOW I didn't lose it doing laundry because I remember hanging it up in my closet.. When I moved to this apt last year, I thought maybe I'd find the dress but no luck.

I have also put things away in the wrong places many times and have only myself to blame..

Examples- Cereal boxes in ref or freezer, candy in silverware drawer, cooking pan in ref to cook, my glasses in the ref, turning water on in the sink and forgetting to turn it off (over 90 % of my apt was flooded as a result of this!)

Should I go on with more stories? I THINK NOT!
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I buy plastic wrap in the ginormous box at Costco. Obviously only every couple of years. The box was getting down, and because you never know with those things when it's actually going to run out, I bought a new one a few months ago. Large items being held in reserve stay in the garage until they are needed. I looked at that box of plastic wrap for weeks, then when I wanted to bring it in, it was GONE. Some rearranging of stuff had happened, but Rob knows to leave that sort of thing in a particular area, and when I asked him about it, he was just as mystified as I. Hasn't turned up

As for your cuke, it probably won't smell much, unless it stays missing a long time, but it'll make a lovely mess for you to clean up.
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OK freaky coincidence, but we lost a jar of pickles this evening!! We'd bought a jar especially to eat with our cheese fondue but we couldn't find it - not in the cupboard, not in the fridge It has to be here somewhere....

Someone told me once that when you can't find something and then you turn around and it's right there where you left it, that it's your guardian angel playing tricks on you.... I like that.
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Well I have to tell this one, when I first got miniman (the cat) I could not find him for about 10 minutes and I looked everywhere, I figured he was just hiding possibly sleeping somewhere and I opened the fridge and there he stood on the bottom shelf, he has done it 2 times now, so when I don't see him now that's the first place I look, plus Dunkin will go into the pantry and I will walk by and shut it, and low and behold he will still be standing there an hour later does not make a peep,
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Well I'm checking the garbage can when I get home. Or maybe I'll be able to smell it tonite!!
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I have no idea, but I was afraid to open the thread
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That sounds kind of kinky.
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I haven't lost any food lately, but I have lost my dust pan! I just know Jerry took it!!
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anyone see the 4400 tv show?? lol
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I am so craving cheeseballs and cucumber dill dip now, although not together!
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One time when we were at church, my mom went into the restroom. Now, when my mom wears sunglasses, and she walks into a building she almost ALWAYS puts them on top of her head. Well, she used the restroom, and realized her glasses weren't on her head. She was puzzled.... she leaned over to flush, and found that her glasses were in her shirt pocket.... er.... well, not anymore! They fell in the toilet just as she flushed, and that high powered toilet sucked them down!!!
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Two years ago, before we moved into this house, I had a brand new jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise in the pantry. When I went to open it to replace the one in the fridge, it was gone. GONE.

I KNOW I bought a jar of mayo. I KNOW it was in the pantry, unopened. I can't prove it, but I know it. To this day I wonder where that jar of mayo went.

Usually when I lose stuff like that, though, it's because I've put it in the wrong place. Milk in the pantry and all that.
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Since my LASIK surgery, I only use drugstore reading glasses. I keep several pairs around the house: on the computer desk, in my work tote bag (2 pairs) and on top of whichever book I am reading. Frequently, I grab my cigarette and book and head for the patio, only to realize that I can't find my glasses. Usually, they're on top of my head. I have got to get a chain.
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Great thread - I am a great one for losing cups of coffee - I start drinking a coffee walking around the house - put it down and walk off to do something else. Forget about it and make another coffee , start drinking, walk off, put it down, ....... By the end of the week my coffee cup shelf is half empty and there are 8-9 half drunk cups of cold coffee lying around waiting to be picked up and washed.
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I leave things on the stove... like If I have a craving for boiled eggs or Ramen noodles made on the stove or macaroni.. mostly its because I put it on the stove meaning to go check it, and then go on the computer and forget it is there . I often put things in the freezer that I meant to take out from the fridge.. I once left the water on and the sink almost overflowed also :P I think everyone has done that... once I was looking for the milk and I was like.. oh you crazy person! Where did you put it? I looked all over the house and then i was like.. fine whatever.. I got a soda and a glass from the fridge, grabbed a straw, and opened up the freezer to get some ice only to see the milk innocently sitting there with its little cow on the front looking at me...

Frozen milk flakes taste funny

I had an Armadillo lizard once named Thorn.. I would take her out of her cage and play with her all day, because you could set her on the table and leave her there for hours... once I went to bed only to get up ten minutes later and realize I had left thorn in the living room.. I panicked, but when i got in there she was sitting in the same place she had been for three hours, taking a nap. Hah. I think she was a "senior" lizard, because she died about two years later mysteriously.....

one pet I couldnt forget about was Piper, who was my ball python.. all she ever did was move around and try to find holes and dark places to crawl into.. I tried to get her a bigger cage, and got one that had a big door in the front.. I had to use those plastic lock ties all around the door so she couldnt get out, but she managed to squeeze through an inch of open space and get out... the first time I found her.. but the second time (because I didnt see hwere she had gotten out ) I didnt find her again. She had always been determined to escape... Ever since then I have been looking at the papers to see "Snake appears out of nowhere in a local home.. authorities puzzled at its origin..." She most likely got into the vents under the floor and got outside or maybe died.. there wasnt much I could do...
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Originally Posted by alexa
In Ireland we still have a milkman who delivers fresh milk to the doorstep early each morning (does that still exist anywhere else? I just love it - anyway...)
It does in London, and I think probably most parts of the UK too! I don't get my milk delivered though cos I live on my own I never know how much I need. But, it's always handy when I see a milkie cos you can buy a bottle off him rather than walk to the shop!
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Originally Posted by pandybear
When i saw the title of your thread all sorts of devious thoughts entered my mind and all along your post was an innocent one.

sorry you lost your cucumber, i hope you find it soon, i have lost things like that a few times, it is very frustrating. Once i lost the milk only to discover it in the cupboard a few hours later


LOL That's sooo funny!!!
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I've lost a whole new block of cheese before!!
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