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How can I get my darling 7 week old kitten Ginger to stop sucking her paw pads whenever she gets hungry
Why can't she just meow like regular kittens
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Some cats "scoop" up food or water with one of their front paws and then lick so they can ingest. That is how Nano eats wet cat food, and she also sticks a paw into a running stream of water before taking a drink.

So maybe your cat is trying to eat or drink?

(Or maybe I don't understand your question.)
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I guess the Human equivalent would be that she is a thumb sucker, but only when shes hungry or thirsty.
I hear sucking sounds and thats when know she wants food or water.
The only time she looks at me and meows is when she wants to sit on my lap and can't get up.
I worry about giving herself a hickey on her paw, hurting herself.
I feed her a 4 hr schedule during the day but in the evening she has lots of small meals because she starts sucking on one of her paws.
AND she'll only eat if she's sitting on my lap.
Is this normal or is she just weird?
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