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My babies are now 4 weeks old. I have attempted to wearn them. I have tried putting KMR on a saucer for them to lap up. I have also tried kitten food soften with KMR. I have touched ot their lips so they know that it is tastey but they have no interest. Also, each time I make the attempt, Momma is eating every thing up before I can get everyone else a try. Am I trying to wean to early? BTW Momma is shouldnt be hungry, she is free fed and has can food for breakfast and her own KMR at night. She is quite the spoiled one, cause if she sees the bottom of her bowl she meows for it to be refilled and it is even if its not empty.
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I know what your going thru. My baby is 7 weeks old now and has only started eating in the last week, I tried everything you have and failed. Then the vetshoved a lump of warmed up Hills a/d kitten food and she's been going for it ever since.
Mind you she had no competition, maybe you could lock Mum out of the room so they could have a chance at dirtying their paws.
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mine started eating wet and dry food as soon as he saw his mama eating it at three weeks. have they seen her eat it?

Four weeks is still really young, just keep offering it to them and as long as they are drinking mummys milk dont worry about it too much.
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