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I have a two year old female and her son, a 7 month. Both are neutered. When she gave birth to a litter of three I found two good homes for the other two. From time to time I get to cat-sit the other two (never both at the same time), which has only happened three times. My little one, apart from the expected initial hours of slow approach and occasional hissing, has always ended up playing quite happily with his brothers. Mother has always kept a distance and only after three or four days has allow them to approach her. Both my cats go for their daily fun outdoors. They always return when night falls, which is how I trained them to do as I live close to a quite big park in London and there are foxes around. So I like them to sleep indoors for peace of mind. On this las visit, mother has become out of control. She´s been refusing to come back home at night for the last couple of days. She actually runs away as soon as she realises that I want her back in. She has returned in the morning (from 6 am), out of tiredness I suppose. But now she´s even refused to come back in the morning. This morning it has taken the best of my abilities to trick her into approaching me to be able to get her in. I have decided that I should keep her indoors until she relaxes. I am quite perplexed with this behaviour. She even seems to be annoyed with me and my partner all the time. Any ideas, please? Thank you.