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Bronx nuns

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I've sent the following e-mail to Benedict XVI:

"Your Holiness:

Just happened to come across some information about Dominican Nuns of the Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx, New York. Since 8 years there are some feral cats living on the premises of the monastery . Almost all of those cats have been vaccinated and neutered ensuring that they won’t multiply any further. Until now they have been tolerated and fed by the nuns.

Now, however, the nuns want to remove those cats from the premises. In a decision backed by the Archdiocese of NY, the plan is to first try to force the cats to leave by withholding all food and starving them. Then if they don't go on their own, the resident Sisters will trap them and hand them over to the city. Shelter workers would be forced to euthanize the cats because they are feral and unadoptable and have nowhere else to be placed.

During the last eight years volunteers from a local animal rescue group got those cats neutered and vaccinated at their own expense. Nine cats were placed in loving homes. The remaining cats were too feral (“wildâ€, not used to contact with humans) thus not suitable to be adopted out. Those cats were returned to the colony after being vaccinated and neutered.

The “removal†of this cat colony will even be “counterproductive†as maintaining neutered feral colonies, using a method known as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), is the only proven way to reduce feral numbers in the long term. When those cats are “taken away†other, unneutered cats will simply replace the ones removed and the cycle of suffering and killing will go on indefinitely.

Apparently the nuns and the Archdiocese even refuse to meet with the local animal rescue group in order to find a solution.
The Vicar of the Religious Office for the Archdiocese, Sister Helen C., stated: "My compassion does not extend to these animals…" and "…they will be removed eventually, one way or another."
This statement is, in my opinion, a clear contradiction of God’s word regarding the treatment of any of his creatures!
I’d be grateful, Your Holiness, if you could interfere in this matter and influence the order to rethink their decision and to allow those cats, who are God’s creatures, to continue their lives in peace and safety.
It is well known that you, Your Holiness, have a kind heart for animals and don’t like any of gods creatures to suffer.

Thanking you in advance for your kind understanding I remain

Yours sincerely"

I hope that this, together with many more e-mails, will help to find a solution which allows those poor cats to continue their lives without any threat.

C U later

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That sounds like a great letter to me! I just hope someone is able to intervene.
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Perfect. Thanks for doing this.
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Wonderful letter Joe. There are more coming from this site, to be sure.
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Thank you for sharing your letter, Joe! I've been trying to compose one as well, to fax & e-mail. You have set a great example for us all!
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I also emailed the pope, Joe. I'm thinking about writing in German, too, and sending it to his German email address (I'm a U.S. expat living in Germany). I suppose there are different people dealing with his German, Italian, and English emails. I really doubt that he reads them himself, but he probably gets reports about what people are contacting him about.
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