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It's Kionu's Birthday Luau!!

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It's a tradition in Hawaii for someone's 1st Birthday to be a luau. Since everyone can't come to Hawaii, we're bringing the luau to you.

Let's start off with today's sunset...

The Birthday Boy...

Miko couldn't understand why HE had to wear the hat...

Miko & his date...

Sebastian thinks he's too cool to wear a costume. After 15 minutes of trying to get the shirt and hat on him, I just gave up...

Savanah partied a little too hard...

Chia, Roxy, and Mia also came to the party...

Early signs of a hangover...

He got a present from his vets Dr. Beth and Dr. Aaron. They gave him a 6 month supply (1 case = 12 cans) of Pit'r Pat Breath Mints. His ultimate favorite treat! From Nana (Grandma) he got a new scratch mat and a bag of catnip. Savanah gave him a brand new pack of mylar balls (which he tried to open with his cute!). Roxy, Chia and Mia gave him a new Boogie Mat with extra bags of catnip. Miko gave him a feather wand and Sebastian gave him a pack of stuffed catnip toys. My fiance is building him a new cat tree and I ordered him the new Booda Play Gym. Hopefully it comes within the next few days. Overall, it was a really fun party and now he's taking a much needed nap.

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Happy Birthday Kionu. You are one beautiful boy, and it sounds like you had a very special Birthday.
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Wow!! Looks like Kionu and friends had a blast!!
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I love the little hawaiian shirts they wearing!

Hope you had a lovely birthday Kionu! and I promise I'll vote for you later today!

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Wonderful photos!!!! Thank you for letting us join the party!!!
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Happy Birthday Kionu! I love the all the pictures What a great party for your little boy
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Hahahahaa.. That's awesome. I've been wanting to get a hawaiian shirt for Bowser for a while now..
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[Jessie does a little rock-a-hula dance for the board]

Anyone wanna join in?
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Awesome pics Starlie!!! Everyone looks so cute in their attire!!! Looks like Kionu had a wonderful 1st birthday!
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Happy Birthday beautiful Kionu!!!!
Everyone looks so adorable in their party hats!!!
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Happy Birthday Kionu!!!!!!

What a lovely bunch of PARTY ANIMALS you have there!
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What a fabulous luau! Looks like all the guests had much fun, and Kionu certainly made out like a bandit on the gifts.
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Faboulous and fantastic´s pics!!!! Happy birthday dear Kionu have you many years to come!!!
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Thank you everyone! I think we partied a little too hard. He actually slept for the entire night! I had to check on him a few times to make sure he was breathing.
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