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strange ??

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What breeds have black foot pads... ie paws undersides??

Are there any known to have grey pads??
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I know Bengals have black pads, and the fur on the bottom of the feet is black as well. It's very stricking. I love looking and playing with my Simba's feet.
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Bengals, definately. I think pixie bobs might too, but I'm not positive. What's cool is, even the snow bengals have black pawpads! My mother's seal point lynx has pads as black as my F3 hybrid.
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It depends on the coat colour. Just picked up the first cat that walked past me, and it was Bridget a Brown Tortoishell Classic Tabby Exotic Shorthair Female, and she has black paw pads.
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Well, let's see
my cinnamon Ocicats are reddish brown....
my silvertip Chausie has brown pads...
my brown spotted Bengal has black pads and...
my silver spotted Egyptian Mau has black pads.

That was a fun exercise LOL

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Hmm, I am not sure of a particular breed. I know mine are mixes of every sort ahahahaah basically meaning I have no idea. Anyway Ricky - is Grey and White and he has 3 pads on every paw that is black. Is that normal or just a color pattern? Actually, I just looked at titden, Jeanie and Max too, they are Black and white and they have the same pad markings. HMMM, must be to do with the coat ??
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Cola's (Seal Point Siamese) are such a dark brown they look black. Tango has one black pad on her left rear paw. Baker's are all pink.

And now all 3 think I am crazy for picking them up to check their paws
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My tabby (and the neighbours tabby) had black paws, PEbbles, my black and white has black spots on hers. Havent noticed it on others yet.
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My black kitties have black paws!
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Thank you.. and thank the cats involed too.. I was asked that one day at work and only knew most bengals ( not the red or blues if i remember right)
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