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Lilly Cat is gone

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Some of you may remember a post about Lilly Cat who was locked in my neighbor’s garage and safely returned some time ago... a member of what seems to be our ever dwindling feral colony. On Friday morning When my mother and I woke we found that our Lilly had been hit by a car in front of our drive way. She is the first that we had lost so tragically in a very long time and it hurts more than I can say. Lilly was a very unusual cat, while not quite feral she was not a people cat either. If ever she snuck in the house we could be sure that she would urinate some where (usually on mom’s favorite chair) and that there would be a howling match between her and the indoor brood. She walked on the roof of the house Climbed up the security screen doors to the top and stayed very close to home, I’m not sure what she was doing out that night…. Had never seen her cross the street before. We have lost quite a few of the colony this year and I’m wondering if this is not a losing battle. Because you know, we were so successful for such a while, rehabilitating and relocating, getting cats and kittens forever homes, you start to feel like your really making a difference, like your winning a fight with mother nature for these animals and then mother nature comes and takes them and puts you in your place. Lets you know who’s in charge, and it’s not us. We were lucky to have had her in our colony for the time that we did, she was born, and lived right here on this land and this is where she shall rest, near Mr. Poe-Poe, at the foot of the pine trees just in the shaded area where she loved to lay, And I’ll go and visit her there and tell her of how I love her and miss her and am so sorry that although I promised I could not protect her. And I’ll cry for her, and for her sister Daffodil who longs for her and waits for her. I hope that she does not run off now. Rest well Sweet Lilly Cat, please be nice until we al get there, I’m so sorry, I know you deserved better.
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I'm so sorry for your great loss. LillyCat was a very special soul, and she knew she was loved. May she frolic at the Bridge until you meet again...
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I am very sorry for the loss of your Lilly Cat. I think there is something very special about these outside cats! Please keep the courage to keep helping your colony. It is very hard to lose them, but you make such a difference in each of their lives.
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I am sorry you lost Lilly Cat. I too believe that you should not be beat down, imagine what her life may have been like without your love. I am sure it was and is much appreciated.
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thank you so much for ur words of support. I must say I would never consider not doing this work, it is hard but usually rewarding. Thanks again...
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Originally Posted by phendric726
And I’ll go and visit her there and tell her of how I love her and miss her and am so sorry that although I promised I could not protect her.
She knew she was loved, I'm sure of it. It sounds like you are doing so much great work - try not to beat yourself up about Lily cat. She's playing safely at the bridge now with my Charley and all the other furbabies that have crossed over
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It is so hard to lose them. I read something once that when like this, "Trying to rescue cats is like trying to empty the ocean one tea spoon at a time. So that's what we do, one cat at a time." My work at the shelter has brought me much joy, but also much sorrow. I know from experince (especialy a recent one I posted here) sometimes the hardest ones to loose are the ones you just can't save. We've had cats die in their new homes, but it's easier knowing they were happy when they went. I'm sorry for your loss but Lilly cat would be honored to know your carrying on to help others.
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I know that you loved this angel, and she knew it. Lilly Cat is safe and happy now, and she is NOT in pain. She will love you forever. I cry with you and pray that you will feel peace.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. She is lucky to have had someone like you to love and take care of her.
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Lilycat was so lucky to have had you! I am very sorry for your loss.
Sending hugs and prayers your way.

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