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My baby fell!

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My baby Jinx fell today when I was trying to give him some Clavamox. He was squirming and managed to get over my shoulder with nails out and landed on his side on the marble floor. How can I tell if he is in pain since he is acting like his usual self?? I am watching him closely. I feel so bad
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Oh, poor baby, Jinx.I'm sure he is ok since he is behaving just as his usual self, but if you have even the slightest doubt, I would recommend that you have him examined as soon as possible!
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Cats have amazing powers when they fall and usually manage to do it withoiut hurting themselves (I am not talking about several stories here! -though htere have been many escapes from injury even in long falls).

I would just watch carefully for a day or so and I am sure all will be well.
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He would be limping or crying when you touch the spot if he was sore. They are such wrigglers.
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im almost postiive your kitty is fine, cats are good at falling... if you can be good at falling O_o...my cat once launched herself over the railing onto the floor below she limpled a little but was perfectly fine soon after. im sure that if the kitties acting normal walking fine and not crying then all is good :-)
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Yeah he seems fine now but I still feel awful.
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I'm sure it will be okay!
But I know how you feel! It's the same feeling when you walk on their tail or kick them by accident!lol I feel so SO guilty when this happens. How can they understand that it wasn't done on purpose!lol
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