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? about self cleaning litter box

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I am looking to purchase the Littermaid LM950. Right now I have 2 hooded boxes. My question is to everyone who uses a self cleaning box. Which one do you use, and is it good? Which is better regular box or self cleaning box?

Thanks so much!
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I dont have one but would be scared it would want to clean itself whilst the cats where in there going to the toilet/
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Oh, I had one of those. No, the cats never got picked along with the poo.;P
I liked the thing, very practical...until the day kitty started to have softer stools and I had to run to pick it up before the maid!lol
If I failed, I had to clean the whole thing...not very interesting. *ugh!* But for a normal stooled cat, I would recommend it, definitly.
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I had the Littermaid XL and it was some designer edition that came with a carpeted track ramp. It was really worth the money IMO as I never smelled the cat pan until I opened up the waste box to empty it. It never came and scooped the cat away while it was in there because there is a sensor that can tell if a cat is in it. After the cat is done, it has a 10 minute timer until it scoops the pan. This was nice because it gave the litter time to harden. However, the only gripe I have was, when I first got it, that everytime it would scoop all of the cats would come running to the litter box to watch it scoop. Then when it was done they would get back in it and play and scratch the litter around. This would trigger it to scoop again and thus repeating a never ending cycle that became especially annoying when we were trying to sleep. They did soon lose their fascination with it however and it got better.

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Thanks for your replies. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I bought the Littermaid Mega. It works great!!! Ellie has had days where her stool was soft and there was hardly any mess. In the near future I will replace my other hooded for another. Right now I am very happy, I wouldn't go back to normal boxes.
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Yeah I agree with you. Due to my work lifestyle, there are often times where I may work 16 hours a day and won't be home most of the day. That is one thing I don't enjoy is coming home to a smelly cat pan that needs to be scooped.

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I also have a Littermaid XL. I need it, like the others, because I often work a 12 hour shift. I have the Littermaid XL, plus two regular litter boxes for my two cats. That seems to do the trick! Even when I just had one cat I had the littermaid box plus one regular box in a different room. Abby liked to #1 in the littermaid box and #2 in the regular box- I have no idea why!
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I know what you mean. Before purchasing the Littermaid, I was scooping the boxes every morning. It sure is nice not having to worry about that anymore.

I checked out your link for your cats pictures, they are sooooooooo cute!
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