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How do you spoil your cat ROTTEN!

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My outside cat Will is just the cutest. He is a gray tuxedo kitty, very classy looking except the two gray marks on his pink nose, one above each nostril. Looks like a pig nose!

Anyhow, ever since I got a gas grill for Mother's Day, he has been getting treats off the grill. Tonight, for dinner, he had his own hamburger pattie, before the rest of the family! He will rub my ankles (and such a soft boy!), and even reach up towards the grill. I know it is naughty, and I shouldn't encourage him. But he is just spoiled rotten!

How about your cats?
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My cats (even the dog) are gods and godesses! My list of how spoiled they are is too long to put down here. If you go to my house on an ordinary day, you'll see toys all over the floor, you'll have some difficulty finding a place to sit down and you'll have to wait your turn to be served something to eat.
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Where does one start? *grin* Toys, of course, toys abound in this household. There are lots of treats, both specifically "cat treats" and scraps from anything they can (literally) get their paws on. They get to sit basically everywhere they want in the house, and are allowed on all beds at night. There is much more, but not enough time to explain it all
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oh man, Beckiboo -- how much time ya got????

Sasha gets fresh halibut and Candian waters salmon (the best!!) when Eric goes fishing, and sometimes I re-do the laundry just because he likes to lay in warm sheets. Every day I turn flannel daytime blanket to a "new square" so it's always fresh and clean. He also gets a treat on top of every meal. I never miss!

Saba is so self-reliant. She seems to need nothing nor want anything special. I try all the time! So for her -- I praise her and rub her face until she says stop. She does, however, get my green cashmere throw for herself......
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Sasha gets fresh halibut and Candian waters salmon (the best!!) when Eric goes fishing, and sometimes I re-do the laundry just because he likes to lay in warm sheets. Every day I turn flannel daytime blanket to a "new square" so it's always fresh and clean.
That is just sweet! Yes, for overall spoiling the inside kits have it made. They sleep with whichever kid seems fun that night. They definitely get more petting. But Will is the only one who gets food straight off the grill. It really started by accident, when I dropped a pork chop on him one night. Luckily he was not hurt. And he learned that the food from the grill tasted as good as it smelled!

The inside kits have more sensitive stomachs, so we don't give them too many treats. But they do get things like butter when we forget to put it away, etc! As for toys, that is whatever they feel like playing with. Garfield especially likes pulling things out of the trash can to play with!
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Beckiboo I adore all your kitty names!
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How don't we spoil them??

Well, they really don't have many rules. Just to stay off the kitchen counters, which they are OK with. They have so many toys, and if Ophelia grabs something it's generally hers. She's claimed a Christmas stock, a pair of special winter socks (purple ones), a pair of old panty hose that Earl was going to use for a microphone spit-gaurd. Oh yeah, and the cats requisitioned the velvet Christmas Tree skirt too. We finally broke down and bought a new one last year. Oh, and they get treats from me almost nightly (real kitty treats), and Earl shares his milk with them too (they don't have problems with milk).
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Well... the view from their cat tree and donut bed is the best in the apartment, they get premium everything, have numerous watering holes and towels made into beds, and I feed Lex his cat grass by hand because he likes it better. Oh, and when I get them catnip it's this amazingly strong homegrown stuff, and they each get their own bag.
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I would say probably the most spoiling thing we do do the kitties is give them their own beds... and oh.. I dont mean the fluffy little pet store beds.. Noooo.. I mean what used to be "our" beds. The cats just permit us to sleep up there with them, as long as our bodies are twisted and turned to accomodate them, and of course, we cant move at all during the night, because we dont want to disturb the cats beauty sleep!!1
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Where can you even start a reply for this question? I'll try to keep it short...

First of all, they have their own room! They each have a toy chest filled with their favorite toys. I have about 6 cat beds in my house and in a few weeks they'll each have their own cat tree/condo because they all have a specifc spot they like to nap in. They get daily massages and walks, tasty treats, and they usually eat before we do. My fiance always gets them the latest gadgets (water fountains, food dispensers, toys, etc.). I usually give the gadgets (cleaned and sterilized of course) to my Mom or an animal shelter if the boys don't like it. I'm always buying them clothes and if you go into a store like Wal-Mart, you'll probably find me in the pet section. I go to the local pet store almost every weekend to check out new stuff. If by chance, I miss a few weeks, the pet store owner will call me to tell me what she got in. It's really sad actually.

I talk to them like they're children...and they listen! They come when they're called, they do various "dog" tricks and can understand Japanese. Sometimes they'll talk human (Miko does this the most). They are really good about not jumping on the counters, furniture (except for my bed) and going into the bathroom so they deserve to be spoiled. I have to admit, Miko is spoiled the most because he's my very first cat.
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you know my bf actually spoils him alot more than i do?
My bf refuses to feel a little bit poor so he will go and buy luxury ham, expensive meats... and he even shares it with teufel... when we werent well off we bought teufel a cat tree, he has loads of toys... he just got a new cat bed and he gets a fair too many treats (because if i give him one then he goes to bf and he doesnt know ive given him one so he gets another one!) , he has also discovered how to open the fish food container so he gets some of that when he wants too!
soon he is going to get a kitty fountain, a new cat condo tree, and a new playmate he has even claimed my teddy bear that i love the most
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How I spoil them:

I sleep around them on my bed. I mean, *their* bed. The cats have certain spots they occupy on the bed; I have one tiny sliver which I'm allowed to sleep on!

Speaking of sleeping: lately, Snickers has been sleeping on my body pillow, and he likes to sleep snuggled near my chest. WELL if I happen to turn AWAY from him? He will paw at my head & CHEW on my hair til I turn around! He did it again last night, and guess what? I appologized, rolled over to face him, and he trilled & kissed me. Snuggled & went back to sleep! He has ME TRAINED!

I spoil Dusty by carrying her everywhere. So does my daughter. Emmy & I both carry Dusty around because she prefers to be carried vs. walking.

Also when the cats beg for food, they always get little tidbits here and there. Chicken or fish, and Snicker's favorite, scrambled eggs. Just a tad here and there.

I also have a 'cat room'. People marvel at that when I show them my house. My 4th bedroom is the "cat quarantine room"... for introducing new cats to each other or quarantining a sick cat. Complete with a double-decker cat bed, a stereo for music to keep them company, litter box, & water bowl. I am working on a carpeted shelf to put under the window so they can sun themselves in the cat room.

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Two words....AIR CONDITIONING! I'm currently trying to get an airconditoner installed in my apartment because I was worried about rambo and lucky overheating and they seemed so lethargic and cranky when the apartment got hot.
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I love this thread - Beckiboo!
Now I have all these secret ways to spoil my babes even more!!!!
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Mika gets spoonfed a bottle of baby food every night before bed.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Beckiboo I adore all your kitty names!
Thanks! This is fun, what a bunch of spoiled kitties we all have!
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Lets see.........they sleep anywhere they want......except the bed at night. The only "no-no" is the countertops. When we eat, they gather 'round like vultures on the coffee table and between us on the couch. Babycakes gets the milk off daddy's cereal when he eats it.....and if he doesn't eat it fast enough, she'll get on the couch arm and stick her head in his bowl when he isn't looking!!!
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We bought Charley fresh fish every week from the fishmonger for nearly 19 years We also used to give her a raw egg once in a while to keep her coat glossy - she loved that

She would sit at our feet every mealtime and meow about once every 2 minutes, just to make sure we hadn't forgotten her And she would stick her head in my sandwiches until I gave her some butter off the bread.

Yup she was a spoilt-rotten puss.....
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Spoiled? LOL! If you have a tail and are homeless...well, come on house is the place for you

Mice, mice and more mice. There must at least 100 little fuzzy mice buried behind all the furniture around here. They have a tree that is over 5 feet tall, a scratching post (sisal of course), then there is the "alpine scratcher", the small kitty condo, the cat bed (like aren't all of the human beds also theirs?), the large wicker basket filled with a hand-made throw and of course, more mice.

I actually have gotten into a bad habit of buying them chopmeat (85% and up of course) and chicken tenderloins on a weekly basis. I even write it in on my weekly shopping list: chop meat - cats chicken - cats tuna - cats.

I should only come back as one of these little fuzzy babies...but isn't that why we have them in the first place Love & spoil them silly!

It gets a bit worse: the feral colony of 7 lives in a special ordered XX Large doghouse filled with my (their's I mean) lounge cushions and my son's Thomas the Train comforter from when he was younger. I also made them a feeder so their food would be sheltered from rain, snow, etc. Very spoiled babies.

Inside guys:

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They have their own bedroom with a bed that their blanket goes on, enough toys to open up my own shop, their not big lovers of fresh fish but they do like a bit of grilled steak.

In the winter if it's colder than normal, i set the heating to come on earlier than normal for them. If Rosie or Sophie are in my seat on the sofa, i'll sit on another part just so i don't disturb them

Basically they know how to wrap their mum around their claw!!
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SPOILED No way there ROTTEN I have actually cut up a $40.00 blanket to give them all a soft blankie, I heat there food, if they don't like one I open another, I will not make my bed if they are on it because I don't want to wake them they can pretty much get whatever,whenever, however
But spoiled ( I think not)
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well those post up, are soooo delicious!!! ...

What I could say..... he has his own "hammock"..

here´s the proof...

and he like to " bathing " over there...

and of course his own DVD Catnip! too ....check it up!

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Lots of treats.
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