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Calories in canned food

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I definitely need to watch Lucius' eating habits. He is exactly 13 lbs and only 10 months old. This is making me feel like a bad mommy.

The vet said to decrease his food a bit, but having two of course makes it difficult. But I will give it a go, and measure out the dry food for each, and remove it shortly after. I can watch them, I'm home.

But how many calories are in canned food? I can't find statistics anywhere and I do use a variety of brands from Petsmart, usually Nutro though.

I just want to know how much to compensate for. If he can have, say 3/4 cup dry, but I want to give him a bit of wet, I want to account for the calories.

Treats too are an issue. I rarely use treats, but I do sometimes. Maybe no more than 1 a day, if even.

He's got to stop gaining.

Oh, the vet gave me samples of a new food from Royal Canin for Young adult neutered cats. There is also a female or male version, or a mixed. It will cost less than the Royal Canin I had been buying (both were still on kitten food.) Has anyone heard of this product? The bag says "Neutered Cat - Verterinary Exclusive - Young Adult - Operation to 7 years - Royal Canin Veterinary Diet." Ah.....Young Adult YWS 34.
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I have heard of it wonder if it can be found on the us royal canin site.. I will check ..sorry no in depth info
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