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intestinal gas

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could cause gas buildup in a cat's digestive system?

Joshua had x-rays today because the vet was afraid he might have something stuck in his throat. Instead what the vet found was a whole lot of gas in his intestins. That was probably why he wasn't feeling well.
The vet said it was probably caused by something he ate that upset his stomach.

what could he have eaten to cause that?
are there any other possible causes to gas buildup?
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Is this a one-time thing, or does he get this all the time?
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well, I've only had him for 3 months.

He has had problems with diarrhea before but that got better since I switched him to Nutro's All Natural dry food.
I never noticed gas problems before. If he had them before it was never bad enough to make him really sick.
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There's no telling. If he picked something up off the kitchen floor it could be anything. Several years back when my Peke was a young adult, about a year or so old, she was begging for a bit of pickle of all things. We thought surely she wouldn't eat it, but she did and it was so funny we gave her several more bits (I have since discovered that this dog will even eat jalapenos!). The next morning my husband woke me and said that Kellie was lying in her bed crying and I needed to take her to the vet. Much like your kitty, there was nothing there but gas. He gave her some sort of a shot, and told me to get some childrens gas-drops to give to her (Mylicon.) Since then I keep the mylicon on hand as it does seem that Kellie has a bit of a sensitive stomach and she thinks she's a darn garbage disposal and will pick up anything off the floor.

That ended up being a $75 pickle .
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That was quite a pickle!!
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