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Rocky, the stray, has clean bill of health!!

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Hi all,
Have been away for a few days due to computer issues. Argh.
Just a quick note to say that the skinny stray found awhile ago in the rain has passed his vet visit with flying colours!!
He is negative for worms, FEL-V, mites and the vet says he looks perfectly clean! Vet also said that while he is a bit underweight still, he is 1 year old, not younger as I suspected. He is just "littler" for now.
THough the vet says he is fully grown, I can't believe it as his ears and feet look too big for him!
No Microchip! And no one is looking for him!
So, he is ours!

Daughter named him Rocky after his long plume of a ringed tail.
(for Rocky Raccoon from the Beatles song)

He was an absolute doll at the vets. The vet said most cats would have jumped to the roof or at least squirmed when being probed, poked for blood, shaved, or jabbed..All throughout, he was a little angel and just snuggled into me....

He was scared outside walking there in a carrier and just wanted to hide.
He came home and ran right under my bed for a couple of hours...

I have started the intros to Lovey and I CANNOT believe it.
I never would have thought that they would get along so WELL!!

There was a bit of tussling, but no growling or screeching or hissing!

They even groom each other already!! It is SOOOOO Cute...
They were laying there this a.m with their arms around each other and licking each other's heads..ITs like they have been together all the while!

Anyway, will update further when I get pics!
I promise they are coming, but I didn't know the additional tests would cost so much and I didn't have any money for a disposable camera..

Thanks for all of your help and advice!!
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Fantastic! Glad to hear all is well with Rocky... and Lovey as well!
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Nice News!!!

Can't wait for pics!
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Yay! That is great that they took to each other so well. Rocky is one lucky kitty. A family to love, a good home, and a buddy all at once.
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What wonderful news!
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I am so happy that you get to keep him! And Lovey is a real Lovey, to be accepting him so nicely. I always did love the stories that ended, "and they lived happily ever after."!
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great to hear all is well!
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Missed this yesterday! So glad to hear he is so healthy! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
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Wonderful news!
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Oh, isn't it just SCARY waiting for the results? For some STUPID reason I had them check my feral mommy cat that was due to deliver in 2 weeks. So they drew the blood and *then* told me that if the test was positive they would spay her right there. Thank goodness she was negative.

Definitely GLAD that your kitty was negative too!
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Congratulations on Rocky!! What wonderful news to share with us!! And obviously it was meant to be, the way that Lovey & Rocky have bonded. Bless you for taking in this little cat & spending valuable resources on him - you have a good heart!!
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