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Good bye Pudgers

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The day we got Pudgie is so clear in my mind. My parents were still together and i remember my dad had come home from work saying his friend Mick needed to find a new home for his 9 year old cat Pudgie. Mick and his family were moving into a home they could not have Pudgie in because they were renting it. It was hard for Mick to give up Pudgie but he knew we would take good care of him.

When Pudgie very first got here he was extremly afraid even from the car ride and he hid for a good week in the basement at our old house. I worried about him and looked for him often. It was just getting to be summer so I was home by myself alot and up late at night. One night I saw a movement under our diningroom table and it was our orange and white PUDGIE!!!! And in those nights where just i was there we bonding he would climb into my lap at his own will.

Eventually he started coming out in the day and became a part of the family. Pudgie became my bestfriend next to my Siberian Husky Sheba and her puppy Harley. And when Sheba died of Parvo Pudgie was there. He shared my bed ran down the stairs to greet me when I came home from school with his squinty eyes from napping on day in the guest bedroom lol. He was declawed before he even came to live with us and his paws were just calus but he used those toes to grab on to my fingers or kneed his paws. He was a biter though sometimes even if he came up to you if you went to pet you he would bite you. He liked to attack all of our feet from under the dining room table. He still had those back claws and enjoyed pinning you by your feet and then getting his hind feet up on your feet and doing the "thumper" as I like to call it where he would scratch with those hind claws .

He was here when my dad had his affair he was here doing the divorce. Not long after the divorce though he really started slowing down at the age of eleven. One day while holding him a noticed a lump on his side. Sure enough he had developed cancer and his body was just shutting down. And for once in my moms life she agreed to take Pudgie to the vet (I think she had learned her lesson with losing Sheba). Pudgie was PTS and it was a very hard time for me. We then moved into our apartment with the no pets rule.

We now recently bought our own home and so the two new kittens will be coming soon. But I still miss and will never forget Pudgie.
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It's obvious that Pudgie meant a lot to you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure Pudgers is watching you from the bridge and glad to know that he was so lived during his time here on earth.
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I am sending hugs to you!
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Those kitties that are with us through the hard times are the most special ones. I'm sorry for your loss of Pudgie, but don't ever forget that you made the last years of his life wonderful and filled with love.
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Thanks everyone he truly was my bestfriend and little furry support system I miss him everyday.
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thankyou for sharing Pudgies story with us - you can tell that the 2 of you had a very special bond, and I promise you that he is in complete health at the rainbow bridge and is watching over you and protecting you just as you did when he was with us.
He is waiting for the day that you both can meet & play again

RIP sweet Pudgie - enjoy those angel wings
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I'm so sorry to hear about Pudgers. Mega hugs to you.
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RIP Pudgie

That's great that you'll be able to give some of your love to new kitties soon. Hugs for you
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I am sorry that Pudgers had to be PTS. You proved how much you loved him when you made the decision to spare him any more pain. Now although his body is dead his spirit lives on and he will wait at the bridge for you until the time comes to be reunited. Hugs.
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I am very sorry for the loss of Pudgie. Sounds like your family has had some devastating changes recently.
I used to have a dog named Sheba, she was one of the best dogs I have ever had. And I even had a puppy named Harley, but we gave him away as a baby. It is hard to think back over the furry ones we loved and lost. Purrs to you as you adopt new loved ones.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Pudgers.
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I'm sorry for your loss. That was a lovely tribute to Pudgie.
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so sorry!
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