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Asthma question???

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A couple of weeks ago I mentionned that my kitty Minmin had a hacking cough that may have been a sign of asthma.
Well, last week she underwent a procedure in which a specimen was extracted from her lung in order to determine, if in fact, if could be asthma.
The vet called this morning, confirming asthma and the ways I could proceed with treating her.
The number one treatment would be by using a feline aerosol mask with the inhaler Flovent. I could also proceed with the oral method of treatment...but this would result in side effects such as increased hunger and weight gain whereas the mask would result in no side effects. The only thing stumping me right now is the cost. The mask and Flovent are quite expensive. I have already spent a hefty amount on vet visits and tests.
What I would like to know, does anyone have a kitty with asthma, and if so, what treatment do you use? Is it hard for your kitty to accept the inhaler and mask? If any of you use the oral treatment, does your kitty experience any side effects.
Thanks so much and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Confused kitty mommy and discouraged too.
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I am assuming your vet would like to use prednisone (or something similar) orally. I don't have any kittys with asthma, but had a kitten with trouble breathing when he was young. He did not mind the inhaler. If I were put in the same situation I would first try the inhaler. Steroids really can play havoc on thier systems with long term use. In the case of asthma it would be for the rest of his life. In the long run, and if you can get him used to the inhaler I think it would be the best route.
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I have two cats now with asthma. They are both being treated with traditional steroids and asthma med in liquid form. The vet we use hasn't offered us the choice of the inhaler and mask treatment - though I have asked about it. (I'll ask again.) Neither one has had any problems yet with their medications. Treatment can be expensive as you are finding out but if you're concerned about the traditional method and are willing (and your kitty is willing) to use the mask and Flovent then try it.

Good luck.
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I have two cats with Asthma. The 11 year old is mildly affected and the 10 year old is moderately affected. The 10 year old has been on oral pred for about 5 years now and the 11 year old about 2 or 3. Both have terrible arthritis for fairly young cats (well not young, but not old either LOL) Coincidence? I don't know. If I could do it all over again, I would try the inhaler and Flovent.
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Thank you all for your advice. I will probably go with the inhaler although I have a feeling it will be quite difficult to administer. She is very finicky and does not tolerate being handled unless it's under her terms. I will let you know how it goes.
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What you want to do a few times a day is to calmly put her up on a waist high counter or island, offer her a fav. treat, talk to her calmly. Keep her there for a minute or two and then place her on the floor. Do this religiously for a week. Then you slowly introduce the inhaler. Gently place it over her face and so on. Working at a waist high level is so much easier when working with cats. It is very important when working with cats to stay very calm and confident. Once they sense you are nervous, it is all over with LOL

If she is already on oral meds, talk to your vet. You have to switch very slowly. Inhaled meds don't work for all cats. Have you been to the Fritz The Brave website?
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Hugs to you and Kitty Catgal! My Linx has asthma and it has become worse, he was doing fine with a shot every third month. He is only 3 and I am worried about being on them for the rest of his life, so I am going to start on the inhaler next week after 2 weeks of oral preds twice a day to get him back to where he was, so far it is working.... I like the idea of a dry run before we start, thanks CT Cat. Best of luck to all of us and our wonderful furrys!
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