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Diddo's eye color

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When I first picked up Diddo and brough her home, her eyes were a beautiful steel-gray color. I picked her up yesterday and I swear that her eyes are turning green. I don't want her eyes green. I thought eye color wa set at about 5 to 6 weeks. Anyone have the same problem?????
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Last summer when I had the 2 kittens, they were about 9 weeks old when my niece and her bf took them to their home and their eyes were just starting to change color then. I don't think many cats eyes stay blue...except Siamese.

Green eyes are beautiful too!!!
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My mom's kitten Noel had blue eyes until she was about 3 months old. Now her eyes are brown. The only blue eyed kitty I know that is not a siamese is my roommate's white with light orange spots kitty named Coco, and he runs into things so having blue eyes in a cat is not necessarily a wonderful thing! A lot of the time they have poorer vision.
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My sister owns two white cats one who name is State has deep brown eyes and is a male and just happy and healthy. Her other cat (she owns 4) who is white on the other hand has blue eyes their pretty deep. Her name is Silence because you guessed it she is def and also blind. She has been this way since birth and is a well adapted cat who is just a lover she is States sister. But other then my sisters white blind and deaf cat I have only ever seen Siamese Cats with blue eyes.

All my past cats had brown, gold, yellow, or green eyes. Pudgie had really light yellow eyes.
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Originally Posted by stormy
Green eyes are beautiful too!!!
...Milky when I adopt to him make me the same Cheat! but I really still loving him!!!!
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