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Scented Litter

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I recently added two new kittens to my family and I have a litter question. We have four litter boxes for them and one is a Littermaid. Since the Littermaid requires a good clumping litter, someone recommended Scoop Away (which works well). I bought two tubs of Scoop away and didn't realize there were different formulas. I ended up with one Multi-cat (scented) and one Unscented. After doing more research I learned that cats don't normally like scented litter, but no one told my kittens that that - they use both. I would like to use the same kind in all the boxes, but I'm not sure if I should stick with the Multi-cat formula (which I like) or the Unscented (the one my kittens are "supposed to prefer").
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I use scented litter...I have for the past 20 odd yrs. I have occasionally bought the unscented if the scented litter was sold out and my cats have no trouble with either. If your cats have no problem using the scented, and you like it, then go for it!
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I used scented for a while but stopped when the cat said she didnt like it anymore
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I have used scented scooping, and none of my cats had a problem with it. we now use yesterdays news, which is slightly scented. (two forumlas..we used that one) and again no problems at all.
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If your kittens like the scented one, and you like it too then I don't see why you should switch to something that they are "supposed to prefer". I use scented clumping litter, and my cat is fine with it eventhough at the shelter they used something else and the change was sudden, because this is what I bought right away. If your kittens are fine then don't worry about
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I've primarily used scented litter for 12 years and never a problem. Started out with Scoop-Away Multicat, but gradually switched to Arm & Hammer last year. Seems to control the odor a little better. Have two boxes for the three cats. I see no reason to change if your cats are okay with the scented litter.
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i have 2 boxes with tidy cats scoop & 2 boxes with unscented scooping litter. each of my cats have their own preferences. i used tidy cats scoop for most of the time i've had 2 of my guys & when we adopted the 3rd he had different preferences. this is how i keep them all happy.
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