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I miss my kitties!!

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both my kitties are at the animal hospital right now.

Kinah got spayed yesterday. Her surgery went well but I'll have to treat her for ear mites and worms. Poor thing.

Joshua is sick. Either a throat infection or he's got something stuck in his throat. They're doing x-rays now and I'm waiting for them to call with the results of the x-ray. I'm so worried.

I'm at work right now so I wouldn't be able to see my cats even if they were home but I don't like the idea of them being away.

hopefully everyone will be home safe tonight.
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Awwww I am sorry that you are feeling like this. I know it's hard to think of them at the vets and not being well etc, but they will get better. They are both in safe hands too. Before you know it they will both be as right as rain
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well, the x-ray didn't show any foreign object in there.

the vet said that Joshua seemed to have lots of gas. She thinks he might have eaten something bad and that it's upsetting his stomach. That would be causing him to drool and his throat got full of mucus from swallowing that drool.
Now they injected him with a medication to settle his stomach and he'll have to stay at the vets until he has a bowel movement and passes whatever it is that he ate.
Poor little guy probably isn't feeling so well.

He should be fine. Not sure if he'll be back home tonight though.
At least I'll have Kinah with me tonight. I can't wait!!
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everyone is back home.

Joshua is still not 100% but he's better. He should be fine soon.

Kinah is just fine. She wont leave my side for a second and purrs constantly.

It's good to have everyone home again!
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I am so glad that Joshua is feeling better & that Kinah is recovering from her surgery. Good Vibes are on their way to you & your furbabies.
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