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neutering surgery?

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my boy is scheduled for neutering next monday he's 5 months old, i have concerns, there are two options in putting him out and i need an advice, the vet said she partly uses ketamine along with something, not sure or she can just gas him to sleep, i red about ketamine not being good, please advise, thanks.
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Ketamine and probably Valium, we use it for all our dentistry's and surgerys generally on dogs, for cats we usually gas them down. I have no problem with ketamine if used IV on a cat, but do not like the after effect if it is used IM. Neutering is a very simple procedure, if we gas a cat down it takes longer to gas them down than it does to do the procedure. All of my cats except Spirit were gased down, Spirit is the one I saw with Ketamine IM, and I will never do that again.
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I like the ketamine/valium combo IV in cats as well. It provides some pain control and allows a rapid induction. Gassing cats down can be stressful for them.
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ok, so what is your best recommendation? or should i just trust the vet on this one?
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While Petnurse and Dr.Doolittle have both given you excellent advice to consider, my choice is gas induction with either isoflurane or sevoflurane, continuous gas/O2 intubation during, IV fluids and pain management on board, and post-surgical pain management sent home with the owner.

Talk to your vet about both options and the risks associated with each. Then make your decision based on what you feel is best for your cat.
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My personal prefrence for my cats is Isoflurane/O2. They are given an injection of pain medication before waking up. I guess I just feel better knowing that if something goes wrong with the anestesia, they can take them right off of it. Especially with a neuter, it is such a quick procedure, I don't feel it necessary for them to be so groggy afterwards with the injectible anestesia.
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thanks guys, i will discuss this further with the vet.
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what is an IM? What is the difference in effects between the drugs?
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My vet uses a totally different approach.

A three way cocktail of Ketamine/Domitor/Torbugesic, IM injection. Animal goes out peacefully within a few minutes, and wakes up just as gently. If necessary anesthesia can be maintained with Isoflurane. He also uses Buprenorphine in his post-op pain management protocol.

The Ketamine and [Valium/Rompum/Xylazine/etc] combos are rather old protocols, effective, but not nearly as safe or gentle.

Really though, what matters more than anything is that the vet knows what he is doing, and is comfortable with it. So pros/cons can be argued, but don't discount experience.

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Originally Posted by RosieToes
what is an IM? What is the difference in effects between the drugs?
IM = Intra-Muscular or that the drug is injected into muscle tissue.

The drugs all have different potencies, effects and side effects. The correct combination of the drugs is what makes it all work, not necessarily the individual drug itself.

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IM injections have longer lasting side effects than IV, because it takes the body longer to process it out of the system. We use Torbugesic (a pain med)in the PA (pre-anesthetic) instead of at the time of induction.
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Inever ask what my vet uses but Bakker was neutered in Feb with no ill effects. In fact he came out of anesthesia really quckly (I dropped him off at 7:30 am and they called me at 10:00 am. When I picked him up at 5:00 and got him home he raced out of the carrier ate, drank and processed to be quite feisty with Grizzly. I got some pain meds (maybe the ketamine-it was a liquid) that I obviously didn't need!! I don't think he knew what was missing.
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My cat was Spayed yesterday, the op was carried out at lunchtime but when I got her home (tea time) she was soooooo groggy. I felt really sorry for her but she was ok. She was in a kind of trance, she just sat there and didn't move, didn't meow, but she could walk ok and everything, she followed me wherever I went ! but whenever I stopped she'd just sit until I moved again ! it was strange, she was really loving to me but completely ignored my boyfriend and also her kitten !

Then when I went to get her some cooked meat she completely snapped out of it, she was jumping up and everything !

She was like that until about 9.00. I dont know what anasthetic they used, I reckon Ketamine, any ideas ?
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usually a ketamine/valium combo to induce, then a gas inhalant to keep her under for the surgery. What lasts the longest is the Butorphanol which is a pain med, but can aslo make them groggy.
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