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Cat refusing "higher quality" wet food

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I'm at a delimma with Cleo. I've been feeding both Cleo and Josie a higher quality wet and dry food. Josie prefers kibble, but I'll give a bowl of wet when it's time to go to bed. I feed both a mixture of Innova and Natural Balance dry.
Cleo always prefered the wet food and I feed her the high quality foods such as Eagle Pack, Natural Balance and Merrick. I even tried Petguard which she totally turned her nose up at. Then she slowly started refusing the Merrick.
Now it seems she doesn't want any of them. I even tried Authority and Nutro and she barely touches them! So, in desperation I put down some Fancy Feast. She did go for that. Great! I give her "Ruth Chris'" and she wants McDonalds! I'm trying to avoid going that route.

But it seems to me she's not eating very much at all. She doesn't appear hungry in the mornings anymore and I hardly see her eating the kibble. I'm not sure a vet visit is necessary yet. She doesn't appear ill or anything. She still acts completely normal otherwise. Maybe she's eating less because summer is approaching and it's hot outside?
Anyone else with this problem??

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there are fancy feast with out the "junk aka by products read read read...Does the baby like boiled chn?? tuna salmon ?? fresh I mean
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I've never tried boiling chicken specifically for her, but in the past when I offered her a bite of our meat to see if she would take it, she'd turn her nose up. She would probably eat the tuna from the can, but I've read that too much tuna was not good for them...esp. from a can. I haven't tried fresh tuna or salmon however.

I'm trying to determine if she's just being finicky or if she's ill and it's time for a trip to the vet. If she doesn't start eating a little more, it's off to the vet we go!
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a call to the vet may be in oreder if this is a new thing
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I have a cat, Raffles, that does something very similar. I'm in UK and about the best wet food I've managed to find is hi-life, we don't have the same better quality brands I've heard US posters mention. It looks good enough for us to eat, and is full of huge chunks of what you can see are fresh mackerel, sardine, tuna, etc. Raffles will pick at it, and leave most of it. (The Burmese scoff it down, as they would any food). But give Raffles Whiskas, Felix or a junk supermarket food and he pigs the lot at one sitting.

I'm not too worried now, because he's not at all underweight at the moment. He's never been a big eater anyway, once he had stopped growing, but he is a big cat. He's just come back from a week in a cattery, where they obviously fed food more to his taste - I could see he'd gained weight as soon as I saw him. But if he does start to lose weight, I'm not sure what I'll do. I've tried all the different flavours that hi-life do. Will I give in and feed junk food? I suppose I'd have to, it's better than him starving himself, and I suppose it's an adequate diet, millions of cats all over the world are given it and are fine.
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