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Ok, just recently (the warmer weather) Lightning has started to pant alot while playing. I am guessing it is his way of cooling off. I don't think he is drinking very much right now. I have seen him drink from the fresh flow before but the water level in the resivor isn't going down much over the day.

Sould I be concerned for him, or is this a natural kind of thing?
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He needs access to fresh water and a cool place to sleep out of the sun/heat. Keep an eye on him though - don't want him to play to hard!
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I have a few times when Jake is really excited in playing, especially with da bird, seen that he pants at the others when he captures it- it seems to be a 'mine' gesture. I've never seen this in any other cat and at first I thought he was playing too hard, but it is only when he's possessive of something he's caught. I've heard of siamese cats doing this too.
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I live in a basement appartment so it doesn't get to warm down there. My landlords upstairs tend to crank the air conditioning.
I bought a fan yesterday to help with air circulation and keep one window open a bit so air can come in but Lightning can't bust through the screen. This morning I put some ice cubes into his water so we will see if that helps.

I had never though of panting as being possessive, it only happens when I am playing hard with him getting him to jump and get hyper.

Anyways, thanks again.
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