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3 month old kitten and 6 week old

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I have hand raised my 3 month old kitten since he was 2 days old. I found him in my friend's backyard and took him in. He has some violent behavior towards me and my boyfriend (i.e. biting our hands when we are trying to pet him, biting our ankles).

Recently I adopted a 6 week old kitten. The kitten has been in my bedroom until they got used to each other's scent. I have seen them playing with each other under my door with their paws. I was wondering if it is okay to let them begin playing with each other yet.

I was kind of worried because since my 3 month had such violent actions against me that he will also aggress them towards the new kitten. I need advise badly!!
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There are folks here with lots more knowledge than I, but my advice is to introduce them slowly. We recently had our daughter move back home with her kitten and we kept our Bijou and her kitten separated for 1 month. In that month, they were allowed together but only if we were there to supervise and ensure neither of them got hurt. If there was hissing or signs of aggression, they were immediately separated again for a "time-out", then tried again, and so on. Our cat sleeps with us and Mika sleeps with our daughter so the night times weren't a problem.

It's a test of patience. It could take 2 days or 2 months or more for them to accept each other. The important thing is to do it slowly and not rush it. If after a couple of days their supervised times are not too bad, you are in luck.
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If they're playing with each under the door, I think it's time for them to get a look at each other. With one person holding each cat to keep it from getting out of its own room, open the door and let them see each other. If the reaction seems to be curiosity rather than hostility or fear, then they're ready to meet each other. If not, try again tomorrow. Upon the first sign of aggression, defensiveness, or fear, immediately separate them and put them back in their own room.
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Sorry but i disagree- if you are rushing things it can go badly for the cats, and holding one above the other, shows a position of power (alpha cat) to the cat on the floor. When they do meet, let it be "accidental" leave the door open just a crack and walk away. Stand off in the corner with a dark towel or blanket in your hand, keep YOUR stress level low. Don't expect there to be trouble, or they will pick up on your tension and become stressed. If they come together and roll and rabbit kick or go airborne, toss the blanket over them and it will startle them apart.

I tell everyone that before the cats meet for the first time, the best way for them to get used to each other is with a screen door between them. If you can install a screen door, you will be able to see how they react when they see each other and smell each other. A solid door between two cats does not allow for that to happen.
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Originally Posted by hissy
holding one above the other, shows a position of power (alpha cat) to the cat on the floor.
Yeah, don't do that. Both on the floor, so there's no height dominance on first meeting.

But as far as the screen door, that would be the ideal. But the ideal isn't available to most people in the real world. And installing one on an interior room just to let two cats meet is a little more than most people are going to be able to, or want to do.
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I never actually separated mine (both males). I tried to for one day, but after initial hissing for a day or two, they would scratch at the door trying to get to each other. Older cat was one year old, and younger new cat was six month. Older one was already neutered, but younger one wasn't yet. They really love each other now -they play and groom each other all the time. My older cat doesn't beat up on my younger cat even though the younger cat is sick and goes to the vet a lot. Obviously, if you are going to let the cats together, you really need to supervise them at first so the older cat doesn't hurt the younger cat. Also, neither of my cat ever showed violent tendencies (they are Persians) but I think it's a common thing with a bottle fed kitten as yours is.
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