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A bit of a scare

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I live in the second floor apt. of a two-family house and have a porch off the living room. It has an awning over it and a railing all the way around about half way up. Have lived for three years and have never had any problems letting the girls out there when I've home. No attempts to jump or step outside the rail.

Haven't been letting Pete out yet since I didn't know what he'd do. This morning I left the porch door open by mistake. Next thing I know, he's out there, has stepped outside the railing and is crouched on the ledge like he's ready to jump! I didn't want to yell and scare so I went out and calmly called him and he stepped back inside the rail.

So, I obviously need to think about doing something to prevent this if I want to let him on the porch. I'd love the get the whole porch screened in, but it's not in the budet right now. Am thinking about putting something around the railing (maybe screening) to keep him from getting through, but am not a very handy person. Any ideas on what might work? Thanks!
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Gosh! Lucky you caught him, the little minx!

I think screening would be a good idea but make sure he can't hurt himself on it if he gets caught or something. My sister lives in a 2nd floor flat and her cat actually jumps from the balcony onto the grass below! It seems that he can't be bothered to go down the stairs and out the cat flap so he just jumps! Madness
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