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The Family

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Oh look at those little cutie pies!!

Is that their mum?
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Awwww! They are gorgeous!

I was going to ask if that was Mummy too! How old are they? What are their names?!
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Oh my! Cuteness overload!!

I'll move this to Fur Pictures.
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Hi thank you for you comments. Yes that is the mum

They are 3 weeks old, Born on the 17 may 2005

we havent given names yet as we might not be able to keep all 3.
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OMG!! They are soooo adorable! I just love the little tortie's face.
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Cuter than possible!!!
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Oh my goodness.........cuteness shock! HOW CUTE! Susan, doesn't the tortie kind of look like Phoebe......I mean Rosie??
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how adorable!! what sweeties! the toties are just so sweet and grey looks like a sweatheart!
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aww!!! so so cute
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Tooo cute...
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OH MY GOODNESS, they are soooo cute.. ok, I have 8 but I think I can handle more.. I love them..
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Ohhhh what cute little fluffballs!
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Awwww Thank you for the lovely pics of your family of kits! They are all so lovely....
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