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Agressive playing

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Ok, I know they are playing most of the time....ever since we got Ash a few months ago, Fluffy has had issues with him....it took her a long time to accept him...I really can't quite tell if she has accepted him, or is just trying to kick his butt everytime they play...lol
she does not play nice at all, and Ash is always hollering out very loudly when she gets a chance to hold him down...I have had to clap my hands and get a little stern with her a couple times...She doesn't seem to intimidate him because he just keeps asking for more from her..
I am gone all day at work so there is no telling what goes on when I am not here....Rocky plays with him, but not so rough and well, down right mean......its humerous, but you can tell she really tell she doesn't like him,,,,
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Are any of the cats getting physical injuries from their play?
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well, there was a little scratch on Ash's nose the other day but I have a feeling it was Fluffy.....I don't know for sure though...I am off to work..I will check in later! thanks!
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As you say, if he "just keeps asking for more", I don't think you need to worry about it.

But keep their claws well-trimmed anyway, to avoid those scratches from their rough play.
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Yea, I am not too worried, but it sounds really painful sometimes...it's unbelieveable the noises he can make and he is sitll pretty small and a baby.
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Yeah, it sounds like rough housing! As long as Ash isn't afraid and running away from Fluffy I wouldn't worry too much.
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