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Please Help!!!

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I am new to this board. I desparately want to find a solution to my cat's elimination problem. My husband is growing impatient and will want to get rid of her. I really want to solve this before he gets to that point.

I have two siamese cats ages 4 and 3. I also have a 1 year old pembroke welsh corgi. All have seemed to get along and none had ANY behavior problems. One cat was fine with the dog's herding tendencies and the other just knew to move out of the way if she didn't like it. In the last 6 months since we have given the dog free roam when we are away from the house, the second cat has started urinating in closets. When I come home I can tell that the dog has spent the entire time trying to "play with" the cats and sleep with them. I think the dog thinks it is a game and the cat doesn't care for it. I used a special formulated urine odor removal product and treated the carpet. This morning I noted that she not only urinated but also deficated in the closet. I am considering caging the dog when we are not home, but we are very homey people and are home most of the time so this won't curb things much. What else can I do to avoid my husband insisting on the cat being placed elsewhere?

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How many litter boxes? Where? Does the dog have access? Thanks....
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2 litter boxes in basement gated to keep dog and kids out. She is peeing in a basement closet and my daughter's second floor bedroom closet.

THANKS for taking time to help me. I love my cat.
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I'm assuming the litterboxes are kept clean.

I would normally recommend litterboxes on each level cats have access to, but since this is happening in basement, where the boxes are, I don't think that's it. Also, since it's both urination and defecation, it's probably a behavior problem, not a health problem.

Is there anything you can think of that triggered this? Something that might have stressed the cat?

In order to do some detective work, is it possible to keep the cats apart from the dog for a while? Perhaps keep the cats restricted to the basement?

I see you've already restricted access to the litterboxes. That's good. But where are they located in the basement? Since the accidents happen in closets, maybe the cat just needs privacy.

Sorry about your problem, I know it's frustrating.
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