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Must say goodbye for a while!

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Hey everybody - as you probably all know I'm moving - fleeing this country in search of a better life At the moment it's taking up more or less all of my time (apart fom when I'm eating or sleeping) getting everything emptied out of this house and cancelling bills and various bits and pieces here and there.... and I'm going to have my pc taken away in a couple of days. Dad will be cancelling my internet connection for me as well, so I've got to say goodbye for a little while. When I next post, it'll be from mum's when I'm staying there (briefly) or I'll have moved.

You guys have been really supportive through all the really rough stuff, and without you lot, I wouldn't have gotten this far. You're the best! So I wanted to take this opportunity to say thankyou, and until we meet again, adieu
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Good Luck!!!!!!
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good luck with the move Emma - how exciting for you that its finally happening

looking forward to hearing of your move and the start of your new life

be in touch when you can
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Best of luck to you Emma..........we'll be waiting for your return!!
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Emma, I wish you all the luck in the world during this time in your life. I hope your move goes well and that life starts really looking up for you soon
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aww im going to miss you emma
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Good luck with your move, Emma!

I hope it goes really smoothly for you! I'll look forward to your return and hearing all the news about your move! You'll have to show pics of your new place too!

See you soon!
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Good luck~
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Good Luck! I hope your move goes smoothly!
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Good luck with your move and your life. Come back soon.
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Good luck with the move Emma! We'll be waiting with bated breath for your return.
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Hope all your arrangements and the move go super smooth, Emma. We'll miss you. Come back soon!!
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Caption This won't be the same without your hilarious entries!
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Good luck! Hope it all goes well!
I'll be your new neighbor here in sweden!

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Good luck! Come back as soon as you can!
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Aww Emma, sweetie I'll miss you. All the best to you.
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Emma! I´m gonna Miss you!!!...your faboulus laught! ...See you soon chick!
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Farewell and good luck
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Best wishes for a smooth move and for your new life. Hugs.
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We'll miss you, Emma! I wish you a wonderful, stressfree move and look forward to hearing all about it! Please hurry back!
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Good luck with your move.
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