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Look at these babies!

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I know this site is for kitties, but I wanted you all to see the duck I have been feeding since last summer and her five baby ducklings. Mommy duck has had a hard time -- she had six babies last June 6, 2004. A couple were eaten by a snapping turtle, and the rest were hit by passing cars down by the creek thus allowing her to only have one duck left; she lost her left foot over the winter due to an infection from a fishing wire being wrapped around it cutting off the circulation, thus causing it to fall off. She now has a stump for a leg and quite frankly gets along better since all the infection is out of her. Then after her ducklings hatched Saturday, June 4, a 4 1/2 foot black snake tried to attack her and the babies and wrapped itself around Mommy Duck's head. A couple of people heard her and managed to get the snake away from her neck and killed it. I feel like she is part of my family after all of the turmoil we have been through with her and wanted to share her "new family" with everyone! Enjoy!
Mommy and baby ducklings

Family of five

Two of the baby ducklings

Baby duckling eating bread
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Those turtles can be surprisingly nasty!

But those babies are so sweet looking.
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Poor thing! She is beautiful! Those babies are just adorable! I love ducks!
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Ever so sweet!! What a story! What an ordeal this lady duck has been through, and there she is being a wonderful Mummy in spite of it all! Critters! Ya gotta luv 'em!
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Aww, what wonderful photos! thank you awliston for watching over them!
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5 little ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away.....

hehe sorry, couldnt resist - this soon to be Mum is practising

what an ordeal this momma duck has been through - what a brave girl!!! awwwww and her little babies are just so precious I always wanted a duck growing up - and by looking at these pictures it makes me remember why

thankyou for sharing
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Poor mommy duck. At least these chicks have made it. They're adorable.
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What cute pictures, thank you!
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Thanks everyone! My husband and I just returned from feeding and checking on them and I have added a picture of one eating bread. Mommy and babies are fine so far!
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even though they arent cats they are cute!
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Oh thanks so much for posting those pics! I just love baby ducks! They are absolutely darling!!
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If there is anything remotely approaching the cuteness of kittens, it's baby ducklings. Way too cute. The only thing that could make those pictures better would the the addition of some kittens and puppies. Too cute!!!
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What a sad story.. she's a fighter tho!! Lovely pics. I think we're all animal lovers in general here!!
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