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Problem with her anal sac?

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So, (how embarrassing)...our girl Tiki has developed what looks like a small brown, thorn-like protrusion in the right side of her anus. For the past few days, I thought it was a loose piece of poop. After a few days, I tried to clean it with a damp Q-tip and it's not. It looks like it might be a piece of brown skin -- almost as a small brown "skin tag" would look on a human.

It's not big -- very small, but I'm wondering if this has something to do with her anal sacs? It's at the 3pm position.

It also doesn't smell and she hasn't been scooting...

Maybe an impaction?
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Scott can you just take that beautiful girl to the vet?
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Hi Scott,
What you are seeing in Tiki, sounds like it could be her scent sack. Dexter, my boy cat, has a long history of scent sack plugging problems. He does not scoot, or have an odor when they become full. He does become slightly lethargic & depressed. When first diagnoised, he had an infection with very pasty fluid in his sacks. They were expressed & he was treated with antibiotics for the infection. I think that it is important to take Tiki to her vet if you can, for an accurate diagnosis. Good Luck
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A vet visit vote from me.

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Yeah, we plan to take her to the vet....the crappy thing is I don't think my girlfriend and I will be able to take her until Saturday --- she works as a teacher and teaches both day and night classes, and she can't take sick days this late in the school year, and I'm doing lots of travel for work.

So I'm basically trying to get a sense of whether this is relatively normal or a emergency.
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Maybe this will help you. I first became aware of Dexter's scent sack problem, when I noticed plugs in his anal area @ the 3 & 9 o'clock positions. I had no idea what they were. I kept putting off taking him to his vet. I waited to long. They had become impacted & infected.
I hesitate to say this, but waiting until Sat. might be OK unless you think that she has a fever or is behaving as though she is uncomfortable. If you have any doubt...then she needs to go sooner if possible.
My hope is that this is just residue from her scent sacks & that will be the end of it, but an exam by her vet is essential. Please update, after she sees her vet.
Dexter sends head butts to Tiki for good luck.
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Hi Scott,
I just bumped up this thread, with the hope that we get an update about Tiki, after your vet apt. today.
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Well, I was able to get my boss to give me the day off of work (not easy to explain that you've got to take the day off because your cat has a problem with her anus)

...anywho... she's OK. She had a pebble or piece of litter blocking one of her anal sacs. I'm not sure how she managed to get it up there, but the veterinarian expressed her and it came out.

So, all's well!

Now, the bigger problem is finding foster homes for the local kittens being born....ack...

Thanks for the concern.
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I would like to have seen the expression on your bosses face when you mentioned why you needed time off from work.
I am so glad that Tiki's problem was easily resolved. Thanks for the update.
My thoughts & prayers will be with you, as you work to find foster families for the kittens in your area.
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Good to hear its all worked out!!

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