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Pill dosing question

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Ok, I had to start giving Roo thyroid meds a few days ago, she don't like getting pilled but I think she may be starting to get used to it.

Anyway, the pills are very tiny and she only gets half of one twice a day.
I gave her last dose for today about a half an hour ago and she ate some food afterward. About 5 minutes after that I noticed she threw her food up and checked to see if her pill was in the food, I didn't find a sign of it in the food....but ...I did find half of a pill on the floor close to it...it was dry and clean looking though, so I don't know if it's the one she had tonight or she spit out her earlier pill and I didn't notice. I wound up throwing it away, because I thought it may have been from before (maybe even from last night) .
I do watch her for about 10 - 15 seconds after I give her the pill with my hand under her mouth in case she didn't swallow it and spits it out. I guess I'll have to watch her a bit longer.

So my question is ...Did I do the right thing in throwing that half of pill out. I didn't want to take a chance and over dose her.
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I think that what you did was exactly right!!! My thinking is better to underdose once then overdose with problems right? I'm sure none of us would have done any different
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Thanks Laurel!

This morning I thought she had it swallowed so I let her get down off the tabe and she promptly spit it back out! It was halfway disolved so I had to give it to her again. I followed it this time with a little dab of soft margarine in her mouth so she had to swallow it.
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Do you use a pill popper or your finger? You really have to get it way back in the throat when pilling a cat. Sometimes it almost feels like too far. Tilt her head back really far so the pill goes straight down. Pill poppers are easier because you can get them back farther. Sometimes they might gag a little bit but make sure she doesn't spit it back out. Then maybe don't go as far back next time. Some cats though, gag at the slightest touch so as long as she is keeping it down, it is ok.
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I use my finger...I want to get a pill popper though. Roo is just so skinny from her thyroid disease that I hate to use too much force on her, she's so frail it seems like she can break real easy!
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