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They love playing around the basket I keep magazines in the computer room. I think part of it is that the magazines slide so nicely! And the throw makes the perfect hidey spot from which to ambush one's brother !

And then there's the great spot in the living room behind the sheers on the rolled up rug that's waiting to be moved to the bedroom.

The aftermath:

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Cindy, those are just too cute!!!
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Teehee, love the cute little things!!! Magazine's are your babies faves? Mine prefer the newspaper, because it makes little tents when you flip it around the right way
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They are so adorable!!
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They are both soooooo adorable!
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Cute pics... I love how they look at you like.. "What??? We didn't do anything!!"
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Ever so sweet!!
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What cutie patooties they are!!
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They are too cute! Looks like they had fun, too!
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oh good grief - look at them lying on the sofa they are just precious
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Oooooooh...I've been wanting a Maine Coon for ever so long. Thank goodness you share yours with us!
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Thanks everybody! We go to bed fairly early so most of your replies came in after we'd hit the sack.

Oh, yes, they're little demons ! I've had to put one of my decorative bed pillows (just bought) in the thrift store bag this morning as it appears to be missing a couple of tassels. OTOH, I think I'll just cut the remaining tassels off. I started making up the bed this morning and started finding all of these little bits of string: "What the---?" I knew when I bought the pillow that the tassels might be a problem but I had thought that it was better made than that. Oh, well, live and learn .

Right now I can hear them "mrrrting" as they play in the living room. That's one of the characteristics of the Maine Coons I love, the chirping calls. Some do it more than others; these appear to both be chirpers .

Gotta love those Coons!
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I can tell there's never a dull moment in your home Your babies are so beautiful- Maine coons never disappoint! I can see you have your hands full and loving every minute of it!
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haha so cute!
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