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hurt kitten

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Hello this is my first visit to this forum. I'm trying to find anyone who has any advice or more information for me and my calico kitten Maia.Almost 4 weeks ago she was injured with what my vet calls "Tail pull" All of her other functions are normal now except her bladder and bowels are paralyzed. We are expressing her bladder 2 times daily, but the vet is now saying there is no hope. I am devastated. Any information would be helpful
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty's injury! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts will definitely see it.
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I'm sorry, I'm no expert, but I have heard of this happening. A tail injury can affect bladder and bowels.
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This is a good link with info for you

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Thanks for the link.Unfortunately it says after one month she is not likely to recover,this is the worst decision I have ever had to make. My husband wants to keep waiting, he is the eternal optimist.She is only 7 months old and I found her in the ditch at 10 days old, we bottle fed her and she truly is our "Baby"My heart is breaking.She has the most wonderful attitude and is not sick or suffering.
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I am sorry you are having to make such a tough decision, my heart goes out to you and your husband. Sending good vibes to you and your sweet Maia
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Thank you for the good vibes, we and Maia need some right now.We have four other cats Lilly, Austin, EmmyLou, and Spike. Spike is our boy orange tabby and he and Maia are BEST FRIENDS.I wonder if we are being selfish by not putting her to sleep,I don't think she wants to go though
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you will know when it is time if you are listening to your cat. They are stoic in pain for they know the minute they show they are hurt or injured, their time is limited. So even though you believe she is not in pain, she might be. But again, listen to HER not to your heart, or your mind and follow her lead. Look at her quality or lack of quality in her life and make the best decision for HER. Sometimes that means we have to let go, and when we do make the final decision it is then her pain will stop and yours will begin.

There are several good articles on the website that will help you with your decision. I will see if I can scare up the links
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