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cat casket

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as my eldest cat gets closer and closer to that great journey I always wanted to bury her in my flower gardens but not just in a bag or something. Was thinking about making a wooden casket, maybe with some carvings in it or something. Has anyone else done this? I know a local funeral home sells such things for pets.
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This sounds like a beautiful idea. We didn't do this when Charley crossed the bridge, but we did plant flowers and things at her graveside.
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check ebay, they have quite a few
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I had Abby cremated and got a wonderful urn from Cheer's Pottery, if you decided to go that route.
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I am bad and did the plastic bag thing but I also had to put a board w/ big rocks on top as it seemed that some animal could smell what was buried and tried to dig the kitties up!!
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i think it's a very sweet idea. If Juicy or Noodle (my ferret) were to die soon (i hope and pray this is not the case), I would ask my friend, who is into wood-making, to build them a little casket.

I think it's a very sweet and unique idea.
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What a beautiful idea. I wish I'd gone that way with tiger - we wrapped her in her favourite blanket and will plant a garden for her in Spring. Anything I plant now will die - I live in a frost prone area.
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I like to wrap them in a soft, pretty blanket. I have used a cardboard box like a shoe box before. But if it would make you feel good, a wooden box is a nice idea. And especially if you can make it yourself. That would be a labor of love!

What a sad thing to consider! You are very special to be planning ahead!
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www.meowhoo.com under Grief Management you will find what you need-

Bless you as you approach the day of saying goodbye.
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