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Yoda Landi

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KittenKiya's clan would like to mourn the passing of one of our friends best friend, Yoda Landi

Yoda was born in New York and followed his mom all the way here to Arizona to start a new life together. Yoda had problems, howeer, but he was such a brave boy, letting his mom check his blood sugar (diabetic) and other things, and working with his mom with the medication and vet's visits.

Of course, all cats are perfect, so he had fun too, driving him mom nuts, beating up on the dog and just generally playing at making mayhem.

Yoda crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, May 27, 2005.

Yoda was loved beyond all description and he is missed beyond all belief.

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Goodbye, sweet Yoda. May you run healthy and whole over the rainbow bridge. May your family heal from the blow of losing you. Condolences to you for losing this special cat!
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Poor Yoda Just remember he'll be happy and healthy over the bridge, with plenty of other TCS cats waiting to welcome him to the other side
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My heart goes out to you in your time of grief. Yoda is playing at the bridge now, and someday you will be reunited with him. Hugs.
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Farewell, little Yoda! You have perfect health now, and you are sorely missed but always remembered by your special clan. Condolences to your friend.
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RIP sweet brave Yoda - enjoy your perfect health and your angel wings
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Sweet Yoda! Your family will miss you, but hopefully they can take comfort in knowing you're in Kitty Heaven, waiting to greet them someday.
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oh... R.I.P.
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Rest in Peace, sweet Yoda
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I am so sorry to hear about Yoda's passing. My thoughts are with you. Remember the good times until you meet again at the bridge. RIP Yoda.
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