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I have discovered the missing socks secret

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I must have 18 socks without mates and I could not for the life of me find the missing ones. This has been ongoing for several months now, and I thought I looked everywhere, but with busy kitties who love socks to play with, some of the hiding places eluded me.

This morning, I brought in the house my newest rescued critter, an 8 month old male rabbit named Tover and blocked him into three rooms so he could get acclimated to inside. The cats were curious about him and chased him, but he quickly turned the tables and chased back, so they decided to let him be and just crawled up on perches and watched him intently. I was busy with other things, and had hubby keeping an eye out on the bunny scene.

When I came back into the room, there was a pile of socks in the middle of the floor! All full of dust and stuff, he must of found them under the heat register, under chairs, I don't know where, but most of the mates have been located for the missing orphans. And here I thought my washing machine had ate them. Now, I am wondering if I should hire Tover out by the hour because many of my friends who also have cats, have missing socks as well?

He goes in to get neutered next week, there is a low cost spay and neuter program running at a local vet and I called to see if they will honor bunnies, and they will. So he will get snipped soon, but he is the cutest guy, all white with brown feet, black ears and black tail and likes to be handled and cuddled.

Just call me sucker, heard about him over the Internet, the people couldn't find a home for him and were getting desperate so here he is along with all the rest of the crew. Maybe I should change his names to Sock Private Investigator?
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That story is precious! Tover sure is one top notch investigator!

BTW, welcome back. Your presence was sorely missed.
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Hissy - Congrats on your socks (and the new bunny )! If you don't mind shipping him, I'd love to borrow him for to find our missing socks too. He sounds beautiful. I always wondered if they make good pets. I think it would be neat to have one, but I'm at my pet limit according to hubby.
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Tover sounds like a cutie I have millions of unmatched socks..maybe I'll borrow the little bunster to help me find mine too

A warm welcome back to the Site from me as well We've missed you terribly. This place just wasn't the same without you
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Can he travel? When my old washer died and I got a new one, I actually tore that old thing apart looking for the socks. Now I am going to line up all the fur critters and DEMAND answers! Good story MaryAnne!
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Hmmm maybe we could do a "bunny box" like the "cat book" send it to each member!! Im first on the list though....cos hubby is always moaning about odd socks!! (I say "who cares?! They both end up black with dirt by the end of the day anyway!! ha ha)

(Debra Myers, you crack me up!! I can jut see you calling all your cats to stand to attention!!! hee hee hee)
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Oh, sure, you might get them all to stand there in a line at attention, but they won't tell you a thing. Like any good unit, they look out for each other! Ten-hut! Litter patrol for the lot of them!

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Everyone blame our fur friends for missing socks. I blame my husband. Any time he does the laundry things go missing. I think he blames the cats so he doesn't get me angry! He knows I'll forgive the cats!

I am very glad you are back as well Hissy. You are a wonderful part of what makes this site so excellent. I hope to get to know you better in the future.
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I lined them all up and interrogted each and every one.
General consensus from the feline group is that: THE DOG DID IT!
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