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Ok im looking after my brothers kitten for 2 weeks and the cat scratched me... straight away a small bump formed around the cut.... whats wrong... am i allergic?
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For some people those bumps come right away (me bumps and itches!) - please clean the scratch well and put some antibiotic oinment on and keep an eye on it.
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Just like human hands, cat's claws and paws have germs on them. You should wash the scratch right away and just watch it. More than likely, it's no big deal. The bump will probably go away.
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so im propably not alergic.... will it do this all the time? or only once?... will i then be immune to the dicease?
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You still may be allergic - but allergies to cats usually manifest themselves in scratchy watery eyes and congested sinuses. For me, I would say about 75% of the time a cat scratch will earn me an itch and a little inflamation for a day or so.

If you scratch still looks bad in a few days, or gets worse - give your doctor a call. Any scratch (cat or otherwise) could get infected. In general, as long as you clean it and put some ointment on it - it should be fine, no need to worry!
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ok thx i dont think i am alergic my eyes arent itchy i have been around cats and dogs quite alot and ive been fine so i dont think im alergic. like i was saying will that scratch mean that i will be immuned to this again. i read it up somehwere about antibodies or someat that will stop it from happening again!

edit----> i was eating chicken b4 and when i was finished the kitten went up to the chicken and nicked some... that ok?
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when i was about 10 years old i got a pretty bad scratch around the inside of my elbow and a few days later it formed a pretty big bump in my arm pit, it hurt alot when i moved my arm in circles and i could only lift it so high. i went to the doctor with my step mom and they said i had something called Cat Scratch Fever, i'm not allergic to cats, and they say once you get it you wont get it again. apparently something on the cats claw had the some reation with my immune system and it over whelmed my lymph node under my arm pit, and it effected my muscles in that area. They just gave me a basic medication and a few days later it went away kind of like a cold.
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Originally Posted by kpullings
Just like human hands, cat's claws and paws have germs on them. You should wash the scratch right away and just watch it. More than likely, it's no big deal. The bump will probably go away.
Oh this is so wrong! Please see a doctor as soon as you can. Cat Scratch Fever is a very real concern-
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Do you have some credibal links to this cat scratch vevor phenomenon?
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My sister very nearly lost her arm because of a cat scratch and a cat bite. You should not mess around with wounds from cats. As wonderful of creatures that they are, they carry a lot of bacteria in their mouth and on their claws-
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From reading the articles, it seems that while it is a concern, it s not a common result. Preventative measures seem to be cleaning the would thoroughly, and watching for any additional symptoms. So while a concern, cat scratch fever, is not something that will result in many cat bites - especially your own. I would think that this would have a more likely hood of occuring in "unkown" cats who hygene - fleas, etc would be an unknown entity.

Hissy, I am sorry to hear that your sister had a severe reaction to a scratch/bite; however, it may not be wise to have a blanket statement of concern without the full facts that it is uncommon. If someone doesn't have the full facts and see's beware of cat scratch fever - that is all they will take away from it - and get rid of their cat because of it! None of us would want that!
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i read up on that ..... it takes up to weeks to get the bump.... i got it straight away and it doesnt hurt it just get a small bump and it a bit itchy

edit--->>> did this when i was first bit by my bired as well... and then stopped after a while!!
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i wouldn't really worry about it too much unless the wound was deep, just make sure its clean and keep it from getting dirty till it heals. But if you see any signs of infection go to the doctor. And cat scratch fever is pretty rare
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ye my sis just got scratched today and same thing happened so i think its the cat..... ^^
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