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Have any of you used the photo machine at the stores such as K-mart, Walmart, and others. You go and take the photo, enlarge it, and fix it so that it will look good. Can you use a regular computer disk to save the photos? I don't have CD to save the photos. I am eager to post pictures of Rascal. And I can't find a scanner. So, any help?
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Nena - I was going to use one of those machines today but for a different reason. I got some pics taken of the kids the other day by a company that came to my MOPS group. The photos turned out great, but they were outrageously expensive. So I only bought one of each kid and one of them together. Still for three sheets it was over $40! Anyway, I wanted to use the machine to make reprints and then send them to the grandparents for Christmas. I was at Target, and they wouldn't let me do it because professional pictures are copyrighted!! UGH!!! Anyway, I'd just ask at the counter; I bet they'd have a CD you could purchase or you could pick one up at the store. I'll be borrowing a scanner from a friend and printing out the pictures myself!

Good luck!
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Nena, When we used the machine, we just wanted a sheet of prints. But I did notice that they have a slot for a regular old floppy disc so you can save your photos onto it.
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Dawn!! Ha ha ha ....I know how you feel!! I tried the same thing with my wedding photos so I could send some extra copies out to my family!! How annoying is that darn copywright!!! Arggghhh!!! Oh well..... I did the same as you! (well, we alraedy had a scanner but couldn't figure out how to set it up!! DUH!! so we read the instructions....hee hee...)

PS Nena did you get them done yet?!!! I want pictures!!! ha ha ha ha ha....I just love cute kitty pics!! *drool*
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You can rent a scanner at a photocopy store. I beliew at Kwik copy it is $18 / hr. If you don't need it for an hr, it works out to 31 cents a minute. You can save on floppy.
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Those stores have floppy disks you can store the data on, then upload it to your computer and there ya go As far as a CD, I don't know of any stores that provide that type of service. I know that you can get your photos developed and then sent to a site such as Kodak where you can store your images. As far as editing, you need to get a photo editor. Is this what you're inquiring about? You can download a variety of them (shareware or freeware) off CNET.com

Hope that helps hon

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