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new feral kitten

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i am a proud mum to 2 cats, and our lattest kitten Alvin.
Alvin came to me from a neighbour who said that a friend of hers gave her these 2 adorable kittens which she found near her house living in a field.

the 2 kittens are about 8 weeks old, and very friendly.
i am worried about what parasites or diseases the kitten Alvin may have already passed on to my 2 adult indoor cats, even though they are currently in seperate rooms.

i will be taking the kitten to the vet next week, but i was hoping someone would be able to tell me the risks involved at this point, whether the kitten could have transmitted something to the other cats, and what to watch out for.

i dont see any sign of worms in the kittens stool, he appears flea free, his eyes and nose are clear, no sign of a cold or sneezing. he appears very happy, and engergetic.

i am just wondering what the possibilities are and if there is a clear risk involved in having this kitten for a week before he gets his vaccinations.
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You should be fine as long as he hasn't been near your cats. Not all kittens carry diseases, but in this case the only thing this kitten might bring in with him that your cats may get are fleas. Get the kitten vetted as soon as you can, and then make the introductions slow and gradual and all should be fine.
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